2005 Topps Chrome Updates and Highlights

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Refractor - Ryan Langerhans, Martin Prado, Erik Schindewolf, Ryan Zimmerman
Black Refractor - Frank Mata (#245/250), Mike Morse (#30/250)
Red Xfractor box loader - Jason Vargas (#51/65)
Barry Bonds Home Run History - 1, 25
Barry Bonds Home Run History Refractor - 325

Base - Josh Geer, Craig Italiano

Chrome Updates and Highlights is the chrome cousin of the basic Topps Updates and Highlights
and, like
that product, this is a great box to open.

Featuring two individually wrapped ten-pack boxes, these chrome cards jump out at you the
moment you look at them. The 2005 Topps design was one of my favorite in recent years and
looks even better in chrome. The set is 237 cards big, with 105 veterans, 110 first year cards, five
season highlights and 17 first year autograph base cards.

As with all Topps Chrome products, there are a number of parallels, from basic refractors to
serially numbered black refractors (#ed to 250) and red box topper xfractors (#ed to 65) and even some
rare superfractors, seeded 1 in 1482 packs.

The inserts and autographs in this set are minimal. Obviously, the biggie is the first year autographs,
found one per mini-box. But there are also a handful of Barry Bonds Home Run History cards, as well
(15 in all, with the numbers on the 25s, plus #1), also with a refractor version and a rare (1 in 178
packs) black refractor.

The bottom line with Topps Chrome Updates and Highlights is simple. If you like chrome cards, this is
a product you need to pick up.......................