2005-06 Topps Chrome Basketball

What I pulled--

Refractors (#ed to 999) - Kevin Garnett, Tony Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Dikembe Mutombo, Tyson Chandler, Bob Sura
Black Refractors - Sam Cassell (#282/399), Orien Greene (#90/399), Tim Duncan (#73/399)
Gold Refractor - Desmond Mason (#31/99)
Blue Xfractor - Darnell Miller (#11/90)

Relic Card:
Hardwood Heroes Refractor - Jermaine O'Neal yellow jersey (#21/99)

Collectors know that Chrome is one of the most significant advances in card in the
last ten to fifteen years. Cards always look better in chrome, and 2005-06 Topps
Chrome Basketball is no exception.

As always, Topps has taken its basic set and made it chrome. It is a simple formula,
but always works to perfection. All the stars are here, KG, Kobe, Duncan, etc., etc.,
etc. Of course, there are numerous parallels, with refractors, black and gold
refractors, blue xfractors (one per box as a box topper) and even very rare
superfractors. Autographs are fairly rare to come by, but relics are seeded one per

This is one of those sets that sells itself - there isn't much I can say about it that you don't already know. If you like chrome, you
are going to buy these cards. And if you buy these cards, you are going to be very happy you did. Keep it up, Topps. This is one
of the hobbies' greatest innovations and never needs to be tweaked.

A foolproof set deserves a foolproof grade...........