2005-06 Topps NBA Collector Chips

What I pulled--

White/Black - Bob Cousy (#508/599, #519/599), Vince Carter (#383/599), Steve Francis (#392/599, #427/599), Maurice
Williams (#300/599, #323/599), Dave Cowens (#466/599), Pau Gasol (#510/599)
Red/Black - Moses Malone (#397/399), Drazen Petrovic (#189/399)
Blue/Black - Rick Barry (#90/299), Moses Malone (#191/299), Jalen Rose (#281/299)
Green Black - Rashad McCants (#90/199)

And now for something completely different.

Jumping on the poker craze, the NBA and Topps have gotten together to create NBA Collector Chips. The chips, which look
and feel just like authentic poker chips (and are color coded similarly), come in a set of 200, featuring all of the NBA's biggest
names of the past present and future.

The 200 chip set comes in four colors - 110 white "basic" chips, 50 red chips that feature Legends, All-Stars and Award
Winners, 30 blue parallel chips and 10 green parallel chips. In addition, numbered parallel sets, featuring 160 chips, come
one per pack and are also colored, although the colors on the numbered parallel chips are reversed. The numbered parallels
also include a black/gold chip, numbered 1/1, as well as an all gold autographed chip.

As I said earlier, the chips have the feel of chips you would find in a casino. They are made of clay composite, weigh 11.5
grams and are 40mm in diameter. They are easily stackable and the color coding and ratio of each color in a box gives you a
pretty solid number of chips to use for a night of cards among friends.

Since this product is a bit off the norm, I won't be giving it a grade. But if you are looking for a something a little different, but still
collectible, that you can trade and put together sets of, then NBA Collector Chips is a solid option.