2005 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects Basketball

What I pulled--

Refractor - David Lee (#160/300)
Xfractor - Mike Dunleavy (#11/150)

Relic Card:
Bowman Beginnings - Emeka Okafor/Ray Allen white jerseys

Bowman's title as "Home of the Rookie Card" is true again with the release of Draft Picks and Prospects.

Here they are in all their glory - Bogut and Company make their Bowman debuts in this rookie card heavy
set. And they do it in style. The cards are simply designed, yet quite appealing. Framed in the traditional
Bowman black, with the rookie cards named in blue and the vets in red, this set is about the rookies.
Everything else is a bonus - including the celebrity cards of Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, Shannon
Elizabeth and Christie Brinkley (that's right men, check out those four!!!) and Nets' part owner Jay-Z. Of
course, with pictures such as the one of Nate Robinson (see left), the personality these cards exude is
worth the price alone.

Each pack is very simple - four base cards, two chrome and one gold parallel. Each box will most likely
have one chrome refractor and one X-fractor, both sequentially numbered, and one relic and one
autograph (which, unfortunately, mine did not). For me, though, this product is about the rookies, so all of
that is a bonus.

There really isn't much more to say about this set. Low price, tons of rookies, a bonus or two along the
way, a rookie scouting report and, oh yeah, a ton of rookie cards. What can be better (besides getting an
autograph, as promised on the box)?...........