2005-06 Topps Big Game Collection Basketball

What I pulled--

Box 1--
Base Cards and Parallels:
Base Cards - Andrei Kirilenko (#6/179), Luther Head (#476/529)
Red Parallel - Rasheed Wallace (#60/99)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Picture Perfect - Jason Maxiell blue shorts (#105/129)
Picture Perfect Autograph - Andrew Bogut purple jersey (#60/199)

Box 2 (added 7/21)--
Base Cards and Parallels:
Base Cards - Rafer Alston (#34/179), Antoine Wright (#376/529)
Red Parallel - Ben Wallace (#15/99)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Picture Perfect - Andray Blatche white shorts (#3/129)
Picture Perfect Autograph - Andrew Bogut green jacket (#99/199)

High end sets are always very difficult to review.

For your money spent on Big Game Collection, you get a total of five cards - one veteran base card,
one rookie base card, one parallel (three different variations), one relic and one autographed relic.
Usually, your feelings on the product are directly proportional to the cards you pull. Given that
theory, I am very happy with this product.

The theme to the base cards is simple - a career high of some sort is highlighted on the front of
the card, and the player's career highs are listed and discussed on the back. The layout of the card is very simple and harkens
back a bit to cards of the past, just with a nice sheen to them.

The thrill of the pull of this set, though, is the relics and, ultimately, the autograph. There are five different
sets for relics, three (All-Star Rally, Big Game Collection, Final Score) for the veterans and two (Draft Day
Moments, Picture Perfect) for the rookies. The player selection is top of the line across the board for these
sets, as well, as can be seen with the autographed relic I pulled. The rookie relics are from the NBA's
photo shoots, so they are not game worn. Of course, since these players have yet to play in a game, that
makes perfect sense.

The cards come well protected in a collectible tin and padding, so you can be fairly certain your cards are
going to be in perfect shape when you crack the pack open.

Any time you pull an autograph of the top pick in the draft, you end the pack opening experience with a large
smile on your face. So I would imagine you have a fairly good idea of the grade coming up. Like you, I'm curious what it would
be  if my auto was of someone else. But this card is a very welcome addition to my collection, so Big Game Collection earns