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2005 Topps Bazooka

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
21 Gold Parallels (one per all packs without relic cards) including Randy Johnson, Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen
24 Miniature Parallels including Carlos Beltran, Ken Griffey Jr., and Mark Teixeira
6 Tattoos including Brian Giles, Sammy Sosa and Dontrelle Willis (I have no idea who the other three are)
All-Rookie Platinum Medallion Parallel - Nick Swisher (#9/50)
Comics - Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson, Mike Piazza, Johan Santana, Ichiro, Jim Thome
4-in-1 Stickers - A-Rod/Blalock/Rolen/Lowell, Walker/Crawford/Wilson/Anderson, Wood/Brown/Alou/Hafner,
Guzman/Stauffer/Valdez/Hernandez, Taveras/Sizemore/Gathright/Delgado, Fenster/Orvella/Moss/Sweeney,
Roberson/Doetsch/Ethier/West and Cabrera/Goleski/Denorfia/Lytle

Relic Cards:
Bazooka Blasts - Ruben Sierra Bat
Bazooka Fun Fact - David Justice Bat (2)

People like to ridicule this set. But those people are more interested in the dollar values and sellability of their cards. If you are an
old-fashioned collector who likes to build sets or open packs, this is not a bad set at all, especially since it really appeals to children
more than adults.

The design is crisp and simple, although it could use a team logo on it. Outside of that, there are no complaints. The inserts are fun.
The comics look just like the Bazooka Joe comics we all grew up with. The stickers are fun and each box comes with a small album
to put them in, if you desire. The tattoos are a little silly and the design this year makes it tough to tell who some of the players are -
we all know Sammy Sosa's home run hop, but the others don't really identify individual players unless you are very familiar with their
on-field characteristics.

The relics make this box worth its small price tag. It is one of the lowest priced boxes on the market, yet still comes with three relic
cards. The relics are designed nicely, but my box committed the cardinal sin - I got two of the same relic....looks like I have a card to
add to the trade list.

This set is not for everyone. It is basic. There are no-frills attached to it. But if you are in this hobby for the pack opening experience
and not for the investing, this is a great product for you. And since that is my MO in the hobby, I'll give this a solid......................

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