2005-06 Topps Luxury Box Basketball

What I pulled--

Box 1--
Parallels and Inserts:
Season Ticket - Monta Ellis, Dwight Howard, Darius Miles, Michael Finley
Rookie Cards - Andrew Bynum (#991/999), C.J. Miles (#915/999), James Singleton (#977/999)
Tier Reserved - Richard Hamilton (#99/430), Shannon Elizabeth (#47/430), LeBron James (#186/430), Jamaal Magloire
Mezzanine - Carmen Electra (#318/350), Orien Greene (#176/350), Chris Bosh (#36/350)
Loge Level - Larry Hughes (#165/200), Andrew Bogut (#45/200)
Main Reserved - Jay-Z (#81/100)
Industry Anchors Box Topper - Allen Iverson (#446/599)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
The Machine - Yao Ming red jersey (#62/225)
One Man Show - Jamaal Tinsley blue jersey (#56/225)
Trinity - Chris Paul black warm-up/Brandon Bass white shooting shirt/J.R. Smith black warm-up (#109/250)
Box Out - Larry Hughes red jersey/Anderson Varejao yellow jersey/Luke Jackson red warm-up/Drew Gooden red jersey
Box Seats Autograph - Vince Carter (#224/224)

Box 2 (added 7/1)--
Parallels and Inserts:
Season Ticket - Gerald Green, Richard Hamilton, Allen Iverson, Pau Gasol, Stephon Marbury
Rookie Cards - Sean May (#523/999), Rashad McCants (#926/999), Brandon Bass (#82/999)
Tier Reserved - Dirk Nowitzki (#276/430), Andrew Bogut (#402/430), Donyell Marshall (#193/430)
Mezzanine - Sean May (#275/350), Kevin Garnett (#164/350), Jermaine O'Neal (#314/350), Allen Iverson (#10/350)
Loge Level - Kenyon Martin (#21/200), Carmen Electra (#132/200)
Main Reserved - Baron Davis (#46/100)
Luxury Box - Chauncey Billups
Industry Anchors Box Topper - Allen Iverson (#462/599)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
One Man Show - Jason Richardson red jersey (#206/255)
Two's Company Courtside Parallel - Paul Gasol white warm-up/Hakim Warrick gray warm-up (#23/25)
Trinity - Baron Davis/Jason Richardson/Chirs Taft white jerseys (#199/250)
Box Seats Autograph - Vince Carter (#62/224)

Box 3 (added 7/21)--
Parallels and Inserts:
Season Ticket - Joe Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Marvin Williams, Travis Diener
Rookie Cards - Monta Ellis (#560/999), Andray Blatche (#100/999), Chris Paul (#617/999)
Tier Reserved - Jason Maxiell (#413/430), Orien Greene (#35/430), Zydrunas Ilgauskas (#227/430), Martell Webster
Mezzanine - Jamaal Tinsley (#154/350), Joey Graham (#91/350), Jamaal Magloire (#34/350)
Loge Level - Chris Webber (#183/200), Daniel Ewing (#39/200)
Main Reserved - Rashad McCants (#52/100)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
The Machine - Yao Ming red jersey (#63/225)
Industry Anchors - Jay-Z jeans (#137/279)
One on One - Paul Gasol/Marcus Camby white jerseys (#194/225)
Triple Double - Channing Frye blue shorts/Nate Robinson blue jersey/David Lee black shooting shirt/Stephon Marbury white
jersey/Quentin Richardson blue jersey (#15/193)
Divisions - Joey Graham red shorts/Danny Granger yellow shorts/Salim Stoudamire red shorts/Rashad McCants black
warm-up/Francisco Garcia purple shorts/Luther Head red shooting shirt (#40/192)
Box Seats Autograph Courtside Parallel - Raymond Felton (#9/25)

Box 4 (added 7/21)--
Parallels and Inserts:
Season Ticket - Antoine Wright, Marko Jaric, Vince Carter, Jason Terry
Rookie Cards - Monta Ellis (#559/999), Andray Blatche (#99/999)
Tier Reserved - Stephen Jackson (#44/430), Manu Ginobili (#44/430), Chris Paul (#163/430), Jamaal Tinsley (#426/430)
Mezzanine - Pau Gasol (#262/350), Ryan Gomes (#196/350), Caron Butler (#191/350), Robert Horry (#229/350)
Courtside - Morris Peterson (#25/25)
Industry Anchors Box Topper - Dwyane Wade (#333/599)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
The Machine - Pau Gasol teal jersey (#167/225)
One on One - Andres Nocioni white jersey/Antoine Wright white shooting shirt (#52/225)
Trinity - Kirk Hinrich red warm-up/Ben Gordon black shooting shirt/Andres Nocioni white jersey (#35/250)
Box Out - Deron Williams blue warm-up/Andrei Kirilenko blue jersey/Carlos Boozer white jersey/Mehmet Okur white jersey
One Man Show Autograph - Brandon Bass (#692/724)

Box 5 (added 7/21)--
Parallels and Inserts:
Season Ticket - Francisco Garcia, Kirk Hinrich, Nenad Krstic, Sam Cassell
Rookie Cards - Jay-Z (#586/999), Linas Kleiza (#840/999), Gerald Fitch (#544/999)
Tier Reserved - Bobby Simmons (#19/430), Gerald Wallace (#204/430), Joe Johnson (#33/430), Samuel Dalembert
Mezzanine - Rafer Alston (#149/350), Monta Ellis (#173/350), Steve Francis (#181/350)
Loge Level - Josh Smith (#163/200), Julius Hodge (#159/200)
Main Reserved - Jason Richardson (#52/100)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
One Man Show Courtside Parallel - Jason Terry white jersey (#6/25)
Industry Anchors - Dwyane Wade black jersey/Jay-Z jeans (#89/99)
Two's Company - Kirk Hinrich/Ben Gordon red warm-ups (#155/193)
Trinity - Dwyane Wade blue warm-up/Shaquille O'Neal black warm-up/Udonis Haslem red shooting shirt (#47/250)
Stat Sheet Courtside Parallel - Shaquille O'Neal black shorts/Elton Brand red jersey/Tony Parker white jersey/Tyson Chandler
white jersey/Kirk Hinrich black warm-up/Al Harrington white jersey/Carmelo Anthony white jersey (#15/25)
Box Seats Autograph - Andrew Bogut (#35/124)

Box 6 (added 7/21)--
Parallels and Inserts:
Season Ticket - Mike Dunleavy, Gerald Wallace, Jenny McCarthy, Fabricio Oberto
Rookie Cards - Channing Frye (#48/999), Johan Petro (#451/999), Gerald Green (#504/999)
Tier Reserved - Antoine Wakler (#374/430), Johan Petro (#12/430), Carmelo Anthony (#205/430), Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Mezzanine - Steve Nash (#280/350), Marko Jaric (#26/350), Marko Jaric (#25/350)
Loge Level - Tim Duncan (#15/200), Andrei Kirilenko (#115/200)
Main Reserved - Travis Diener (#54/100)
Industry Anchors Box Topper - Dwyane Wade (#555/599)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
The Machine - Antoine Wright blue jersey (#124/225)
One Man Show - Hakim Warrick blue jersey (#29/225)
Box Out - Steve Nash gray jersey/Kurt Thomas purple jersey/Amare Stoudemire red shooting shirt/Shawn Marion blue
warm-up (#151/193)
Triple Double - Chris Paul teal shooting shirt/J.R. Smith teal jersey/Jamaal Magloire teal jersey/Brandon Bass white shooting
shirt/David West teal jersey (#110/193)
The Machine Autograph - Andrew Bogut (#17/224)


When card collectors go shopping for a box of cards to break, that is the first thing they are thing about.
Well, Topps Luxury Box, despite being a high-end product, delivers that. And then some.

Fourteen parallel cards and three numbered rookie cards in eight packs. Four numbered relic cards, at
least two of which will be multi-player. One numbered autograph, with a chance of it being a big star. A
numbered box topper of either Dwyane Wade, Allen Iverson or Jay-Z, some of which are relics or even
autographed. Are you sold yet?

I haven't even gotten to the fun part. All of the cards have holograms, which aren't seen frequently on cards
these days, but because of that, actually makes them different and pretty appealing. Each base cards
contains a hologram head shot along side a full color action shot. Most of the relics and autographs have
them, as well, in varying formats. They aren't for everyone, I know. But in limited use and done properly,
they really make cards attractive, which is the case here.

Relic card fans will be especially enamored with Luxury Box, given the plethora of sets. Each box has at
least two multi-player relics, with the number of players ranging from two on the card up to a whopping
eight - imagine the sensory overload when pulling one of those! Player selection for these is top of the line,
which makes these relic cards among the best available on the market today. And the autographs? There
are plenty of rookies on the list, but as evidenced by the Vince Carter I pulled, there are some huge names
out there, too. This card is one I'm happily adding to my personal collection.

Faults? I'm gonna get a little specific with the only one I found. How can you have a game used card of four
Cleveland Cavaliers, but not have LeBron James on it. If it is a contractual thing, that is one issue and, in
that case, my complaint is officially retracted. If it is an oversight, that is a whole different thing and kind of inexcusable.

People can get intimidated by a price tag slightly over $10 a pack. I say don't let it stop you. Given the high odds of pulling
something that any collector would be excited to find in a pack, the price actually might seem a bit low. I actually might go buy