2005-06 Topps 52 Style Basketball

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Chrome - Monta Ellis (#336/499), Sam Cassell (#370/499)
Refractors - Stephen Jackson (#66/299), Andrei Kirilenko (#115/299)
Blue Refractor - Chris Bosh (#91/149)

Relic Cards and Autographs:
Hardwood Classics - Keith Van Horn green jersey, Gilbert Arenas orange jersey, Theo Ratliff white jersey
Autographs - Don Kojis, Buck Williams


That is the only way to describe 52 Style Basketball. I really don't have much more to say. The base cards
are styled after the famed 1952 Topps baseball set, featuring the legendary Mickey Mantle rookie card.
Color, painted head and action shots of the players with a simple white frame and the player's name and
autograph and team logo in a white box at the bottom of the card and that is it. It is a trading card at its
most simple, yet the design is timeless and beautiful. For an extra smile, hopefully you'll pull the Mantle
basketball card, featuring the Mick as a high school basketball player - what a great bonus.

There are bells and whistles, too. Of course, there are the requisite parallels - chrome, with different
colored refractors in this case. As always, chrome brings out an even more beautiful side of the card than
the base cards do, making these cards even more attractive.

Then there are the relics and autographs. Each box has three relics and two atos. The player selection on
the relics leaves a little to be desired, BUT the fact that all of the relics are from throwback uniforms is a
neat and different idea, one which is a decent twist in a market that needed something a little different. The
autos, though, put this product over the top. Feeding off the baseball line of All-Time Fan Favorites, Topps
goes above and beyond by giving everyone past players autographing cards on designs of the past (or
baseball designs for the years in which Topps did not produce basketball cards). Some of the greatest
names in basketball history are represented, along with some not so famous...I'm a proud student of
sports history but honestly don't ever remember hearing of Don Kojis (I've done the research - he had a
couple very nice years for San Diego, but was an OK pro the rest of the time in the league). The Buck
Williams auto is gorgeous, though (I've definitely heard of him). By the way, the best part of the autos? All
the cards are player touched, making autograph purists VERY happy.

What else can I really say? This is a great, great product. It is a mid-range priced product, so the price and value are definitely
right. Go get some now, before it's too late..............