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2004 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Chrome Refractor - Koyie Hill, Kyle Bloom
Chrome X-fractor - Rob Johnson (#71/125)
Futures Game Jersey - Merkin Valdez black jersey
First Year Autograph - Chris Lambert
Aflac Inserts Exchange Card

This is not a set with all that much instant gratification. There is a reason they call this set "Draft Picks and Prospects". That is what
makes up the player selection - the stars of tomorrow. And with inserts at a minimum, this set is something that can't really be
graded until down the road.

Overall, I like the set, though. The design is the same as the Bowman base set released in mid-2004. The packs are a mix of
regular card and chrome cards with a thick gold card thrown in for good measure (and to deter pack searchers). The relics and
autos, as well as the refractors, are really nothing more than parallels. On the down side, there had been talk that the back of the
gold cards had a tendency to peel and many of the cards I pulled do in fact have that problem.

Collectors love this set. They love going prospecting and buying and selling the rookie cards on eBay. I prefer to save them all and
hope for a future star to come from the cards in a few years.

A grade? Let me think about it for a minute. Attractive cards, great value, an auto of a possible future star, a jersey of a guy who is
very highly regarded. Regardless of what I say, come back in ten years for the real grade......................

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