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April 27 - West Coast Baseball

The alarm sounds again, way too early.  It almost feels as though I never went to sleep.

I sit bleary-eyed, staring at my screen at work.  Every hour of the day feels more like three or four.

No, I don’t have kids, and I’m not an insomniac.

I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to West Coast baseball.

I grew up watching the Braves on TBS and the Cubs on WGN.  I knew very little of the West Coast teams,
except for the times when either of those teams ventured west, and even then, I never saw all of the
games.  When the Angels played the Red Sox in the ALCS in 1986, it was akin to watching the Red Sox
play a minor league team.  I look back now almost ashamed at my lack of knowledge of Bob Boone,
Brian Downing, Bobby Grich, and the like.

I purchased MLB Extra Innings this year, and I now find myself largely ignoring east coast games, or
simply flipping through them until the games start in the west.  I think I’ve seen every Rockies, Padres,
Angels, and Giants game that has taken place this year.  

I want so badly to turn off the television and go to bed.  I want to sleep as though Clint Barmes never
existed.  When my alarm rings in the morning, I want to be ready to face the day ahead, not cursing
Bruce Bochy for not pinch-hitting in the 7th down 4-3.

One of these days, I will break the curse.  Eight hours of sleep will be the norm, not a luxury.

Wait,  I think the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks later…