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April 11 - The Week in Review

As I look back on the week that was, several important things took place.  Baseball had its opening day -
and its first steroid suspension. The NBA continued the slow torturous drip toward the playoffs. Tiger
won yet another green jacket. And this site launched.  While all of this took place, I had some thoughts...

--If there is a Hell, Jim Nantz will broadcast the sporting events that take place there.  He will likely make
numerous references to athletes being "on fire", and will shill the new HBS fall lineup, featuring
"Everybody Hates Raymond".
--I got a free week of MLB Extra Innings on digital cable this week, and I went close to the entire course
of the preview without seeing J.D. Drew get
one hit.  Nice signing, McCourt.
--Of course, the above being said, I was compelled to order the entire season of the Extra Innings
package.  Check back with me in about two months when I am dangerously sleep-deprived, wired on
caffeine and spouting the statistics of the Angels' designated hitters.
--Carl Pavano took a line drive to the head on Sunday and left with a mild concussion.  There is no truth
to the rumor that the Yankee fans booed him for not making the catch off the skull.
--The Nashville Kats Arena League football team released kicker Gary Kral due to his inaccuracy
(3-for-17 on field goals, 39-for-49 on extra points) and brought in local product Todd Hutto...who
proceeded to miss two PATs and the potential game-winning field goal.  The Kats finished the game in
a 41-41 tie with the Dallas Desperados.  How do you have a
tie in an Arena League game?  Shouldn't
they have a "kick one off the net" accuracy contest or something?  Good thing that league is trying to
increase scoring...
--Virginia is still without a head men's basketball coach, as the search to replace Pete Gillen continues.  
Gillen stepped down shortly after his club lost to Duke in the ACC tournament.  We've passed March
Madness, and Virginia is making this Asinine April.  I know they want to take their time and make the
right hire, but the lack of media information behind this search and the duration of the search is pretty
ridiculous.  Women choose future husbands on reality shows faster than Virginia can find a basketball
--The Braves debuted their red alternate jerseys this week, and I can honestly say that I have never seen
anything uglier in the game...well, except for Colorado's new black vests with purple undershirts.  I know
this is all about merchandising, and the alternate jersey gives MLB another thing to shill, and conversely,
the devoted fan something else to buy, but come on.  What's next, an orange Mets jersey?  Wait, never

And, finally, on a serious note, condolences go out to the family of Al Lucas, who died in an Arena
League game this past weekend.  The hit wasn't particularly horrific, but the results were more so than
anyone could have imagined.  May he rest in peace, and may his family find peace sooner than later.

Until next time...