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Who will be with the Lakers longer from this point forward: Kobe
Bryant or Phil Jackson?

Steve Keane (The Eddie Kranepool Society):
With Phil Jackson signing for three years as coach I guess you'd have to say Kobe. But, I think both
Jackson and Bryant have come to the realization that they need each other in order to succeed.

I am a big fan of Phil Jackson but you have to believe there is more to this move than just coaching.
Between throwing Kobe under a tractor trailer with his book and his very close relationship with Jeanie
Buss, Jackson will come into his rehiring with huge onions!

Not only will Kobe have to get in with the triangle program, but if I'm Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack I'm
getting my resume ready for distribution.

Tim Coyne (Notes From a Basketball Junkie):
Who cares?

Even Lakers fans are sick and tired of the Phil and Kobe soap opera and would rather see them
shipped out to the Cook Islands to spend the rest of their lives arguing over the triangle offense and the
meaning of teamwork then they would sit through another season of watching these two engage in
intellectual and territorial pissings.  

Besides, even the least savvy of hoops fans know this is a meaningless move.  

Jackson's shown he can't win without at least two superstars while Kobe's shown he won't play on a
team with more than one superstar.  

Only in the smog-covered burgs of LA county is this story news.  To the rest of us, it's, well, little more
than a big so what.

Eric Mirlis:
Phil Jackson. I think it is just a matter of time before the Lakers FINALLY come to the realization they
should have come with long ago - that Kobe isn't worth it anymore. At the first hint of trouble, he's outta

Bryan Graham (Snowballs for Santa):
Kobe. Simply put: There’s a better chance it won’t work than it will. And in a player’s league, not even a
coach as accomplished as Jackson will be able to outstay a superstar. And not even Larry Brown will be
able to resist yet another comeback at the ripe old age of 70.

Brian Wilmer:
Kobe will be with the Lakers longer.  It's obvious that Kobe runs that team, and he made Phil disappear
once, so there's no reason to think he couldn't do it again.

Also, I think the ring Phil is more concerned with this time is the one he needs to acquire for Jerry Buss'

Give me Kobe +/- 5 years longer than Phil.