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Who will win the NBA Finals: the Spurs or the Pistons?

Ed Barnes:
My pick is more of a plea and I’m hoping for the sake of aesthetically pleasing basketball everywhere,
Spurs win in 6 with Tim Duncan the MVP. I grew up watching the Warriors Run TMC teams. When
Nellie would go small and pint size back up point guards like Keith “Mr.” Jennings would make seasons
enjoyable. I knew the Warriors would get rolled in the playoffs with no legitimate big man but at least they
were fun to watch. That is why I’m throwing my support behind the Spurs, representative of the Western
Conference, where scores regularly fly over 100 points per team. Sure the Pistons have their strong
points and things that fans can appreciate, but an average fan trying to appreciate defense is like a 20
year old trying to choose his girlfriend on personality. You won’t see it happen very often. Beside my
rooting interest, I believe the Spurs are a deeper and better team and the Pistons lack of depth will hurt
them the longer the series goes on.

Eric Hornick:
in 5.  Too much Duncan, but Ginobili wins the MVP.

Brandon Sparks (Sports Logo Pundit):
Detroit Pistons
in seven games.  The victory will pave the way for Larry Brown to leave town without any
hard feeling and will help the team make a ton of changes including finally playing Darko more without
upsetting the fan base too much. Series MVP: Rasheed Wallace.

Bonus:  I think that there will be a postponement or at least major disruption of one of the games in
Detroit.  Whether it be a fight, another bomb threat or something worse, I really do think that something
is going to happen to disrupt this series.

Jerry Milani:
Give me the Pistons in five. Hamilton for MVP. Boring...

Steve Keane (Eddie Kranepool Society):
This series is in tune with the whole throwbacks craze as both the Spurs and Pistons play old time
basketball. In fact both teams should wear Chuck Taylor's and ABC should bring in Chris Shenkel and
Jack Tyman to do the games.

This is a very tough series to handicap as both teams play very sound fundamental basketball. The key
for the Spurs could be the health of Tim Duncan as he has had some issues with his legs but the player
I think that will give the Spurs another title is Manu Ginoblli who I'm picking to be the series MVP.
in 7.

Barry Neuberger:
What have we here, a Finals pairing that truly is intriguing? The last two champions and clearly the
league’s two best this year. You can easily make the case for both, but I’m going with the Pistons
because of the guard match-ups. I like the way Tony Parker plays, I love the way Ginobili plays, but I don’t
have the trust in them that I have in Billups/Hamilton. And in the course of a multi-game series,
eventually the defense takes over and that’s what the Pistons do best.
Pistons in 6.

Bryan Graham (Snowballs for Santa):
I firmly believe that if these two teams - the last two NBA champions - played 10 games, they'd split 'em
five apiece. Since San Antonio has home court, I'll give them the edge.
Spurs in seven with Duncan
picking up his third NBA Finals MVP award.

Marc Grossman:
I’ll take San Antonio, 6 games and Tim Duncan as MVP.

As for the last part of it, my guess is that Ginobili will probably be more deserving but in true NBA Finals
tradition, it will go to the superstar of the winning team.

Eric Mirlis:
This will be a snoozer, folks. The Spurs showed they can run against Phoenix and Seattle, but won't
have to against the Pistons. And while that plays to their strengths, the Pistons just play that game
better. Anyone who doubts how good Detroit is needs to just flash back to last year, when no one gave
them a chance against the Lakers, only to see them completely dominate Shaq, Kobe and Co. They
might not do it as quickly this season, but they will do it again. It will be boring to watch and ratings will
potentially be the lowest the NBA has ever seen.
Pistons in 6, with Rip Hamilton as MVP.

Bob Rosen:
This is the first time since 1970 that the two best defensive teams in the NBA are meeting in the finals,
so it should be a battle. I was rooting for the Heat to be in it, but even if they (the Heat) did make it, with
O'Neal not being up to par, it might not have been as good a series as this one will be. I think the
will win it however. They match up better with the Spurs at each position and I think they have the
advantage at center, which will eventually make the difference.

Tim Duncan may possibly be the best player in the league, but I think Rasheed Wallace or Tayshaun
Prince can do a good defensive job on him and keep the damage to a minimum. Both Bruce Bowen and
Chauncey Billups are great defensive players, so it should be a great defensive battle with the Pistons
doing the job in six or seven games. So let the games begin! That's why they play them in the first place.

Final tally: Spurs 5, Pistons 5.