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Who are the AL and NL MVPs so far this season?

Eric Hornick:
1. Miguel Tejada - On pace for a career year in all major categories and never, ever, misses a game.  
Key to Orioles' run to the top.
2. A-Rod - Maybe now they'll think he's a "True Yankee".
3. Mark Buehrle - I know, I know, pitchers don't win MVP.  But when you're 7-1, and average nearly eight
innings a start, you can certainly qualify for the Mirlys.

1. Derrek Lee - Begins week leading all three triple crown categories, with a Bonds-like .721 slugging
percentage.  Enough said.
2. Albert Pujols - Best player on the NL's best team.  He's having a typical Pujols year, which means he
continues to be the best candidate for the Hall of Fame who debuted in the 21st century.
3. Pedro Martinez - He's "only" 5-1, but the bullpen have blown at least two of his leads.  League-leading
eighty-three K's in 71 innings and a model citizen to boot ... so far.

Justen Fox (Breakaway Beach):
1. Brian Roberts
2. A-Rod
3. Michael Young

1. Derrek Lee
2. Cesar Izturis
3. Albert Pujols

Eric Mirlis:
1. Miguel Tejada
2. Alex Rodriguez
3. Mark Teixeira

1. Derrek Lee
2. Albert Pujols
3. Bobby Abreu

Christian Hiteshew (Maryland Sports Fans):
1. Tejada
2. A-Rod
3. Michael Young

1. Beltran
2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Pujols

C.J. Papa:
1. Brian Roberts - Hello, Brady Anderson.   
2. Miguel Tejada - Mr. Consistent.
3. A-Rod - A pure numbers guy.

1. Albert Pujols - The new Bonds.
2. Miguel Cabrera - And he's just 21.
3. Troy Glaus - They didn't overpay.

John Labombarda:
1. Alex Rodriguez - I know he makes a gazillion dollars per year, the Yankees have the same record as
the Blue Jays and his defense has been sub par, but it’s hard to argue with a player who is leading the
major leagues in home runs, runs batted in and runs scored and is hitting .324.
2. Miguel Tejada - Besides A-Rod, he’s the only other player in the A.L. who ranks among the top ten in
the triple crown categories.
3. Brian Roberts - He’s one of two players in the major leagues with 10-or-more home runs and 10-or-
more stolen bases this season.  He’s the biggest surprise player on one of the biggest surprise teams
in the major leagues this season.  

1. Derrek Lee - Imagine where the Cubs would be without the National League leader in batting average
(.363), home runs (16) and runs batted in (46).  Lee benefits by the fact that there is no one outstanding
player on any of the division leaders right now.
2. Albert Pujols - The best player on the best team in the league.  Pujols is having another outstanding
3. Bobby Abreu - One of three N.L. players in the top 10 in batting average, home runs and runs batted in
(Lee and Pujols are the others) and one of two major league players with 10+ home runs and stolen
bases (Brian Roberts is the other).  I think he’s one of the most underrated players in the major leagues.

Brian Wilmer:
1. Alex Rodriguez
2. Ichiro
3. Miguel Tejada

1. Derrek Lee
2. Miguel Cabrera
3. Albert Pujols

Ed Barnes:
1. Alex Rodriguez - For all the bad things written about A-Rod, he has carried the Yankees this year.

2. Miguel Tejada - His numbers are terrific and his attitude and enthusiasm has set the tone for the
biggest surprise team in baseball this season.

3. Brian Roberts - It is hard to put two players from the same team in the top 3 for MVP, but Roberts has
had that good of a season. Sparkplug 1A for the Orioles.

1. Derrek Lee - Lee is quite simply the hottest hitter in the world right now. He's having an amazing start
to the season, especially for a guy who is known as a notoriously slow starter.

2. Albert Pujols - Best player on the best team in the National League. It just tells you how good Lee has
been for Pujols to be 2nd.

3. Miguel Cabrera - Cabrera has been the only consistent run producer on a team full of offensive
disappointments. If Juan Pierre and Mike Lowell have halfway decent seasons, Cabrera's numbers
would look even better.

Final Tally (points awarded on a 5-3-1 basis):

American League--
Alex Rodriguez: 3-4-1...28
Miguel Tejada: 3-3-1...25
Brian Roberts: 2-0-2...12
Ichiro Suzuki: 0-1-0...3
Michael Young: 0-0-2...2
Mark Buehrle: 0-0-1...1
Mark Teixeira: 0-0-1...1

National League--
Derrek Lee: 6-0-0...30
Albert Pujols: 1-4-3...20
Miguel Cabrera: 0-3-1...10
Carlos Beltran: 1-0-0...5
Cesar Izturis: 0-1-0...3
Bobby Abreu: 0-0-2...2
Pedro Martinez: 0-0-1...1
Troy Glaus: 0-0-1...1