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Every week, TheMirl.com will pose a question to the contributors of The Writers, based on the current
events of the day. The answers will be posted every Thursday.

Who would you rather have: Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

Barry Neuberger:
Is this the best choice we have? What happened to guys who just caught the ball, made first downs,
caught touchdowns and handed the ball to the back judge? Since when did a wide receiver become the
lightning rod for any team? Is this a product of the NFL’s anti-defense mentality, which says you can’t
breathe on a receiver after five yards past the line of scrimmage? Granted, these two guys are terrific
athletes who expose their bodies to head (and other parts) hunting defensive backs, but we are placing
way too much emphasis on players who touch the ball between 5-10 times a game. Give me Lynn
Swann, Don Maynard, Fred Biletnikoff, Drew Pearson anyday! Choice:

Bob Rosen:
Frankly, I'd rather do without either of them, but if I was forced to choose, I'd have to go with Owens. He's
more athletic and I think can do more as a football player than Moss can. In either case, the first thing to
do is try to get a good working relationship with that player and get him to buy into your program. I think
once you've done that, he will be what you expect him to be without too much baggage. Either way,        

Pat Calabria:
I'd rather have Randy Moss, because the team would save a lot on the cost of Sharpies.

Eric Mirlis:
I hate them both and don’t think either one is worth the distractions. When the rumors were going
around that Moss might come to the Jets, I cringed and was happy to see it not happen.

However, since both of them are off the field distractions, and since this is an either/or question, I’d take
Moss. I’ve had the chance to see them both play in person and Moss just has that knack for getting open
a hair more than Owens. He is a little better in the open field. They both utilize their size to the maximum.
Owens is a little stronger, Moss a little more agile. Owens doesn’t take plays off, but is more of a
headache to his teammates during the game if things aren’t going his way. It is awfully close, but I’ll take

Jon Schaeffer:
Albeit in defeat, Terrell Owens had one of the great Super Bowl performances of all-time, and he did it
on one leg. That heroic effort, in itself, is enough for me to say that Owens is the better player. Would
Randy Moss put his career on the line with a broken leg? Would he have made nine grabs for 122 yards
and leave you wondering why the team didn’t get him the ball more?

Owens and Moss are similar in a lot of ways. They both are from the school of the misunderstood. They
both will have their names etched in Canton among the all-time greats, and both will be among the top
wide receivers in terms of yards, touchdowns and catches at the end of their respective careers.

But you don’t have to look any further than last year’s post-season to see who the better player is. In an
embarrassing loss to Philly, Moss was both disinterested and uninspiring. On the grandest of stages,
Owens shined brighter than any player on the field.  

Off-field antics aside, I’d choose

Brian Wilmer:
This question is almost akin to asking if you would rather get kicked in the face or in the groin.  Neither is
very pleasant, and both do nothing but bring undue pain and stress.

Moss has been known for taking plays off (his own admission), while Owens stepped up in the Super
Bowl and delivered a tremendous performance, especially considering the injury he had received 45
days previous.  Of course, Owens' off-field performance this spring has been less than exemplary.
The career statistics are as similar as both men's head problems.  However, given how both men act
ON THE FIELD, I'll take
Terrell Owens.

Ed Barnes:
Handing this question to an NFL personnel director is a lot like asking me to choose between two sexy
supermodels as my next girlfriend. I can only imagine how I’d react to choosing between two
supermodels. Eventually I’d pick one and walk around with a huge smile plastered on my face because
I was dating one of the most beautiful women in the world. My friends would be impressed, even people
I didn’t know would be impressed.

I’d try so hard to make it work in the beginning that everything would go smoothly. No matter what she
asked of me I’d probably do it just because, well, she’s a supermodel and who wouldn’t want to date
her? Sooner or later, going out of my way to make her happy just wouldn’t fly anymore and there would
start to be problems. She’d expect me to keep coddling her like I did before since that was how it went in
the beginning and I’d want no part of it.

Eventually she’d end up in some gossip columns out on the town with someone else and the whole
relationship would go to hell. Maybe she even was nice enough to pass on a nice case of syphilis as a
going away present. All in all, what was so great in the beginning, ended up blowing up in my face. I’m
sure you see the similarities between Terrell Owens or Randy Moss joining your team.

These players show up, everything works out, only for the “special” player annoying the rest of the team
by acting like they are above the team and demanding special treatment. Just like dating a supermodel,
you probably should plan on any relationship with these players being a short one. Attitude matters a
great deal and the New England Patriots have proved that.

All of that being said, with a gun to my head, I’d pick
Owens. Simply because Owens is a more physical
player, known for being a workout freak and hasn’t been in trouble with the law. It’s still like picking the
supermodel with syphilis over the supermodel with herpes.

Jerry Milani:
I’m a Packers fan, so I’ve had seasons end at the hands of both of these standout receivers – Owens
somehow holding onto Steve Young’s miracle fourth-and-season pass in the 1998 Wild Card Game
and Moss putting the nail in the coffin with a late TD in January. Not to mention the numerous other
games these guys have burned the Pack.

There’s no doubting either’s ability. Moss, if not for his off-the-field transgressions and questionable
commitment, would have likely been one of the top two or three picks in 1998 rather than slipping down
to the Vikes at No. 21. His obvious talent and game-smarts have made him a superstar, but his
baggage finally led to his being peddled to the Raiders this off-season.

Owens, nearly as spectacular on the field, has been every bit the
prima donna as Moss. His well-
publicized disdain for former Niners QB Jeff Garcia and current contract dispute with the Eagles are in
sharp contrast to the team-first attitude he seemed to project with his heroic Super Bowl performance in

So who would I rather have? While Owens is a terrific player, Moss, when motivated, is still the single
biggest game-breaking force in football. The Packers drafted five defensive backs in two years and still
couldn’t stop him.

If I’m trying to win games, not popularity contests, I’ll take

Final tally: Owens 4, Moss 3, Neither 1.