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Every week, TheMirl.com will pose a question to the contributors of The Writers, based on the current
events of the day. The answers will be posted every Thursday.

Who will win more games this season: the New York Mets (18-
17) or the New York Yankees (16-19)?

Bob Rosen:
The Mets will wind up with a better record than the Yankees this season because they are a younger
team mostly. Especially in the pitching department, but in other areas also. Because of their youth, the
Mets can be more aggressive and gamble more and be more successful then the Yankees. They just
have more speed than the Yankees and can utilize it better. But pitching is where the difference will be, I
think. Although the Yankees have some great pitching raw talent, ages of their staff will start to show in
July and August. Overall, their bullpen has not been effective and Mariano Rivera has already begun to
show the wear and tear on him after all these years. And the rest of the relievers have been very
inconsistent. Torre is still a terrific manager and has shown it throughout this past bad surge that the
Yankees have gone through but now may be over.

The Mets pitching isn't that much better but their youth will help when the dog days of late July and
August begin to take their toll. They are a good team in the field and match up evenly with the Yankees
except for catching where Yankees excel. Willie Randolph has shown to be a capable manager and has
his players' respect and they are playing well for him. Both of these teams play in tough divisions and I
think that to make the postseason, both of them will have to win their respective divisions to get there.
Probably neither will but the Mets will still win more games than the Yankees when the final standings
are in.

John Labombarda:
This question is a lot easier to answer now that the Yankees are on a five-game winning streak while
the Mets have lost their last two games.  The Yankees are now 16-19 while the Mets are 18-17.  There is
no doubt in my mind that the
Yankees will have more wins than the Mets this season.  All you have to do
is look at the rosters.  The Yankees have former All-Stars at every position who, as past seasons have
shown, will start winning.  It is a very loooooong season and the cream always rises to the top in a 162-
game season.  I think the more practical question should be….”How many more games will the
Yankees win than the Mets?”   I think the answer to that question is about 10 games.  Despite their slow
start, the Bronx Bombers will still win about 93 games.  The Mets should win in the low 80s.  But let’s
give the Mets credit.  That this question is even being asked is a credit to the Mets and the early
excitement that they have created this spring.  They should stay around the National League Wild Card
race the whole season.

Joel Blumberg:
As much as I hate to say it, since I am a Red Sox fan, I think the Yankees will win more games.  Not that
the Yankees are not a better team (they probably are at this point), but the gap between the two is getting

This is a matter of competition, and the fact is the Yankees have far inferior opposition.  Despite
dropping four of the first six to Tampa Bay, the Yankees still have a half dozen left with them.  They have
the same number with Toronto and we have yet to determine if Baltimore is for real or not.  Where the
difference will be made up is in September when those aforementioned Jays and Rays will be playing
out things.

The NL East where the Mets play the bulk of their games have Florida and Atalanta, the Marlins are a
legit contender and how many years have the Braves been called toast only to surprise everybody and
win.  This is a team that can't discounted until the math says so.

The Boss's money may not beget World Championships, but it will get more wins this year.

Ed Barnes:
The Mets have had the better start but the Yankees will win more games.

Things have worked out for the Mets so far this year. Omar Minaya’s signings have been everything the
Mets hoped for. Pedro Martinez has the lowest batting average against in Major League Baseball.
Carlos Beltran has lived up to the hype. Even players that are chronically injured, like Cliff Floyd, have
been healthy and productive. Still, the Mets only have a couple more victories than the Yankees.

The Yankees are a team with plenty of problems. The rotation is shaky past Randy Johnson and Mike
Mussina. The bullpen has gotten old in a hurry. “True” Yankees like Bernie Williams look past their
prime and Jason Giambi hasn’t figured out how to hit without steroids and might be headed to the
minors. However, the Yankees won their fifth straight game earlier today and are swinging the bats like
they are capable of.

On top of all of that, the Yankees are the Yankees. The Bombers run of success has earned them the
benefit of the doubt over the Mets that haven’t been very successful over the past few seasons.
The Yankees have too much talent not to play better than they have during the first part of the season. It
will be a team that wins with slugging and not with pitching and defense but they are a team with the
bats to win that way.

The Mets have greatly improved their team to go with their brand new cable network, but when it comes
down to it, George Steinbrenner will buy the Tampa Bay Devil Rays as a farm club if he has to in order to

Eric Mirlis:
I have a feeling it is going to be a lot closer than everyone expected before the season got underway, but
in the end, it will still be the
Yankees as New York baseball bragging rights holders.

This race will be indicative of the difference between the two teams. The Mets have come out and are
neck and neck with the Yankees. They will hang tough all season, but eventually fade in the end, as their
bullpen, which is terrible already, fades and continues to blow wins. Unless they go out and overhaul
that weakness, which is awfully tough to do during the season, the Mets just can't compete over a 162
game season.

As for the Yankees, they have seemingly snapped out of their early season funk. It will be interesting to
see if they can continue their winning ways as they embark on a West Coast trip. The hot play of Tino
Martinez is carrying them, but I think everyone realizes it won't continue much longer and, combined with
the continuing spectre of the Jason Giambi saga, first base could end up being this team's Achille's
heel. That and the aging, injury prone starting rotation, which has already shown signs of breaking down.

Call it Yankees 92, Mets 88.

Joshua Sipkin:
The Yankees are going to win more games this season, if only because they have weaker teams in
their division. Even with the Orioles becoming a legitimate team, the Yanks still get a ton of games
against the Devil Rays and the Blue Jays, two of baseball's worst.  The Mets, meanwhile, are playing in
a very tough division with no easy games to win. As a result of this, they will have fewer occasions over
the course of the season to take it easy, play some backups, and just have a day to recharge.

Jerry Milani:
93, Mets 80

Now that the Yankees' five-game win streak has thousands of fans trying to un-push the panic button
they depressed last week, as the team heads inexorably towards .500 and as the Mets hover around
that mark, we can make a bit fairer assessment of their respective fortunes.

So much in sports today is tied to expectations.  What a team is “supposed” to do based on payroll or
past achievements or perceived potential often sucks all the fun out of the games themselves.  

As a Yankee partial-season plan holder, I make it to about 20 games and probably see parts of 100 or
more others during the season.  Basically if I'm home, I'm watching the game. Even if the last nine
regular seasons have been little more than dress rehearsals for the playoffs, I still enjoy the ebb and
flow of the year, who is playing and pitching well, who is struggling, and how it will all come together in
the post season.  But this year, there could actually be a two or three-team race for the A.L. East and the
wild card.  Meaningful games in the Bronx in September?  It's been a while.

Across town, the Amazins - I think I hate that name - are spinning a nice early-season tale, parlaying
some good pitching (Tom Glavine notwithstanding) and timely hitting into an exciting first six weeks.  
Whether they can keep it up is another question entirely.  While the lineup still has a couple of holes
from time to time, especially on the more frequent rest nights for Mike Piazza, I think the Mets are
capable of their best season since the Subway Series team of 2000.  At the very least, there is an
excitement at Shea that has been missing since Bobby Valentine left town.

As to which team will win more games, while I believe the Mets have improved I don't think they've
improved quite enough to overtake the Bombers. If Glavine is able to straighten himself out, which I
doubt, and one or two relief pitchers are effective, a .500 season isn't out of the question.  But I say they
come up a little short and end up with 80 victories.

By hook or by crook or by Devil Ray and by Blue Jay, the Yankees will find a way to at least 90 wins and
crowbar their way into the playoffs.  Maybe my pinstripe-colored glasses have me seeing things
differently, but I'm not near the panic stage of the talk-radio set just yet. Let's call it an uneven 93 wins for
the Yanks, assuming Ruben Sierra and/or a move or two of some kind around the trading deadline
shores up the open outfield/DH spot.

Brian Wilmer:
Call me crazy, but I think the Mets will have a better record than the Yankees.

While the Yankees have a cast of star players (Rodriguez, Jeter, et al), the Mets have more pitching and
better play off the bench.  Both of these factors are necessary to having a winning team.

The Mets and Yankees will both make moves to acquire missing pieces if they are still in any
semblance of contention in July, but the Mets have the pieces from within to both promote guys and to
make trades.

I know I'll look like an idiot in October, but give me the Mets.

Barry Neuberger:
The Yankees will end up with a better record as this graying group of stars squeezes out one more
memorable summer. As the weather gets warmer, the creaky bones of Mike Mussina, Kevin Brown,
Jorge Posada, Bernie Williams, etc. will respond and I look for the Yankees to end up with about 93-96
wins. While I think the Mets have improved, I’m not sure about the chemistry issues there, so I ‘m
looking at 88-74 and contention for the playoffs, but alas, a little bit short.

Final tally: Yankees 7, Mets 2.