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September 28 - Topps Retired Signature Edition Includes Short Prints

Topps reveals that there are several extremely short printed (non-refractor) autographed cards in
2005 Topps Retired Baseball – Signature Edition.

The list is as follows:

Tom Seaver                24
Bob Gibson                35
Ernie Banks                35
Johnny Bench        35
Nolan Ryan                35
Stan Musial                35
Whitey Ford                35
Yogi Berra                35
Reggie Jackson        60
Brian Cashman        70
Bo Jackson                70
Bill Mazeroski        70
Cal Ripken                70
Carl Yastremzski        70
Daryl Strawberry        70
Davey Johnson        70
Don Mattingly        70
Dave Winfield         70
Frank Robinson        70
George Brett        70
Harmon Killebrew        70
Johnny Podres        70
Monte Irvin                70
Matt Williams        70
Ozzie Smith         70
Paul O'Neill        70
Rod Carew                70
Rusty Greer                70
Robin Yount                70
Tony Gwynn                70
Tim Raines                70
Carlton Fisk        170
Duke Snider                170
Ryne Sandberg        170
Wade Boggs                170
Lou Whitaker        175

September 27 - Topps / Bonds Home Run History Continues

Bonds' HOME RUN HISTORY Set Gets Bigger With Every Blast

Barry Bonds is back and that means one thing – HOME RUNS!

2005 Topps Baseball Series 2 featured one of the hottest insert sets of
the year--Barry Bonds Homerun Highlights! And this ultimate Bonds
collection continues in the upcoming Topps Updates & Highlights.

In the all-new Updates & Highlights (previously named Topps Series 3), Topps chronicles Barry’s
blasts # 331 – 660.  Cards are inserted 1:4 packs with each featuring specifics of that particular
home run on the card’s back. Topps Updates & Highlights releases the week of 11/14 and carries a
$1.59 SRP for each 10-card pack.

The Home Run History set will be caught up to date with the release of 2006 Topps Series 1, which
will feature home run cards 660-7??.

And for Home Run History insert collectors, there is “The Barry Bonds Trading Floor”, a special
website dedicated exclusively to collectors who wish to trade cards from this special set.  Log onto to learn more.

September 19 - Topps Turkey Red Short Prints & Variations Announced

Topps announces that the recently released 2005 Topps Turkey Red Baseball features 15 variations
and several short printed cards (1:4 packs).  The variations not only feature a picture change, but each
variation includes a Turkey Red advertisement on its back.  The subjects are as follows:

1 Barry Bonds – Road uniform
5 Roger Clemens – Orange / Yellow sky
10 Sammy Sosa – Blank nameplate
16 Mike Piazza – Blue jersey
75 Ichiro – Blank nameplate
83 Eric Chavez – Night sky
100 Alex Rodriguez – With glove
120 Vladimir Guerrero – Swinging
125 Randy Johnson – Night sky
130 Ivan Rodriguez – Batting helmet
160 Johan Santana -- Throwing
225 Mark Prior – Blue sky
230 Derek Jeter – Night sky
270 Todd Helton – Night sky

1        Barry Bonds – Road Uniform Variation
5        Roger Clemens
5        Roger Clemens
10        Sammy Sosa
10        Sammy Sosa
16        Mike Piazza – Blue Jersey Variation
20        Manny Ramirez
25        Carlos Beltran
28        Rich Harden
30        Richie Sexson
55        Roy Oswalt
59        Wily Mo Pena
60        Magglio Ordonez
70        Jim Thome
75        Ichiro
75        Ichiro
78        Troy Glaus
83        Eric Chavez – Night Sky Variation
85        Scott Rolen
87        Joe Mauer
90        Alfonso Soriano
100        Alex Rodriguez
100        Alex Rodriguez
102        Adrian Beltre– Road Uniform Variation
106        Miguel Tejada
110        Hideki Matsui
115        Curt Schilling
120        Vladimir Guerrero
120        Vladimir Guerrero
125        Randy Johnson– Night Sky Variation
130        Ivan Rodriguez – Batting Helmet Variation
132        Carlos Delgado
149        Jason Bay
150        Albert Pujols
155        Pedro Martinez
160        Johan Santana
160        Johan Santana
170        Tim Hudson
175        Nomar Garciaparra
181        Gustavo Chacin
184        Felix Hernandez
185        Zach Day
193        Jose Capellan
195        Steven White
199        Joel Guzman
214        Mike Gonzalez
220        Scott Kazmir
225        Mark Prior
225        Mark Prior
230        Derek Jeter
230        Derek Jeter
233        Brandon Backe
266        Steve Finley
270        Todd Helton
270        Todd Helton

The oversized cabinet cards also include two short printed variations: Barry Bonds (swinging) and
Alex Rodriguez (with glove).

August 19 - 2005 Topps Baseball Series 3 to be Released

Topps announces that 2005 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball has been canceled to make way for
the ALL-NEW 2005 Topps Baseball Series 3.

Because 2006 Topps Baseball Series 1 will not release until February, Topps will offer a bigger and
more thorough late season series to keep collectors busy through the holidays.

Topps Series 3, an exciting season-capper numbered T1 – T330, will cover the 2005 post season
including the World Series, traded players in their new uniforms and 110 Rookie Cards featuring 20
of the top picks from the 2005 Amateur Baseball Draft!

In the inserts department, the popular Barry Bonds Homerun History Set continues as Series 3 offers
career Homeruns 331-660.  Series 3 will also feature a slew of exclusive relic cards from this year’s
mid-summer classic.

And from the company that brought you the historic Presidential Cut Signatures Collection, Topps
Baseball Series 3 will unveil one of the most fascinating signature programs ever created—The
Declaration of Independence Cut Signatures.   This autograph program will feature 1 of 1 cut  
signatures from 50 signers of the Declaration of Independence. (Stay tuned for more details on this

2005 Topps Baseball Series 3 releases November 7 and carries a $1.59 SRP for each 10-card pack.

BASE SET (T1 – T330)

85 Traded Players
20 Prospects
20 2005 Draft Picks
90 Rookies
5 Managers
5 Season Highlights
14 Post Season Highlights
12 League Leaders
33 Sporting News All-Stars
20 2005 MLB All-Star Game Starters
8 2005 Home Run Derby
18 2005 Futures Game Starters

330 Gold
330 Black Bordered #’d to 30 (HTA Only)
330 (1 of 1 Parallel)

330 (featuring 1320 plates in all)


10 Homerun History -- A continuation of Topps Series 2, featuring Barry Bonds’ career homeruns 331
through 660.
11 Nationals Inaugural Line-up -- Featuring the Opening Day starting line-up of the 2005 Washington
Nationals PLUS a team shot.
12 Nationals Inaugural Line-up Relics
50 2005 All-Star Stitches -- Relic cards featuring the workout jerseys from the 2005 All-Star Game.
10 Touch ‘em All -- Relic cards featuring the bases from the 2005 All-Star Game.
10 Midsummer Covers -- Relic cards featuring the baseballs from the 2005 All-Star Game.
10 Derby Digs -- Relic cards featuring the jerseys from the 2005 Homerun derby contest.
10 Celebrity Threads – Relic cards featuring the jerseys from the 2005 Celebrity All-Star game.
2 Hall of Fame Relic card –Relic cards of Ryne Sandberg and Wade Boggs
1 Hall of Fame Dual Relic card
Signature Moves Autographs
Signature Moves Autographs Notations (#’d to 25)
56 Declaration of Independence -- Features each signer of the Declaration of Independence.  The
backs of these cards will feature puzzle pieces that, when put together, will form the Declaration of
50 Declaration of Independence Cuts -- Cut signatures of the Signers of the Declaration of

July 26 - Topps Produces Special Bears Set and Missing 1955 Baseball Cards for “National”

Collectors attending the 26th Annual Sports Collectors Convention, “The National”, in Chicago, IL
(July 27-31), are encouraged to stop by the Topps booth and participate in a special CHICAGO
BEARS wrapper redemption program.

Collectors opening five packs of 2005 Topps Football - 50th Anniversary Edition or 2005 Topps Draft
Picks & Prospects Football at the Topps booth will receive a unique five - card Topps 50th Anniversary
Chicago Bears set. The set features Hall of Famer Gale Sayers, rookies Cedric Benson, Kyle Orton
and Mark Bradley and favorites Brian Urlacher and Rex Grossman.

**1955 Topps Baseball “The Missing Cards”

Attendees purchasing the week-long VIP pass will be treated to something very special - the 4
missing cards from 1955 Topps Baseball set.  50 years ago, Topps and Bowman were battling it out
over player contracts and at the last minute, Topps had to pull 4 cards from its 1955 set.  Now, Topps
is filling those holes.  The special 4-card set includes:

Card # 175 Stan Musial
Card # 186 Whitey Ford
Card # 203 Bob Feller
Card # 209 Herb Score

Each card will be in the original size of the 1955 set.

For more information, visit