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August 24 - Thoughts From a Guy in Jersey

I figured if everyone else can give their opinion on things, then why not I. So as I sit here in my house
near Princeton, I bring you “Thoughts From a Guy in Jersey.”

* The NHL’s deal with OLN will be a great one. After a work stoppage, the League
is looking for some exposure, something they were not getting on ESPN (can
anyone remember one promo for the World Cup of Hockey on ESPN). With the
NBC deal, it benefits the networks to promote the games. OLN, under its parent
company Comcast, also has another goal in mind, getting additional television
contracts, either the NFL’s Thursday/Saturday package they are thinking about or
MLB’s Sunday/Wednesday package. ESPN better watch out or they will become
the 24-hour Poker network.

* By the way, OLN is no longer the “Outdoor Life Network.” It is just OLN. Similar to how the ECHL is
no longer the East Coast Hockey League, just the ECHL. But really, how could it be called the East
Coast Hockey League with teams out west.

* Does anybody else watch NFL preseason games like I do? Here is how I watch a play. The ball is
snapped, play is over and THEN I look to see if all 11 guys on my team (the Jets) are walking back to
the huddle. Maybe they should consider “red-shirting” quarterbacks like they do in practice or
scrimmages. It seems that every year a QB is getting severely hurt in the preseason. Have to feel bad
for the Bears this year, not that I really thought they were going to do anything anyway.

* Maybe it is because of where I live, but I am really sick of “Days of Our Lives.” No I don’t mean the
daytime soap. I am talking about Eagles camp. Because I have Comcast, it seems every single day
the Owens/McNabb/Andy Reid confrontations are the lead story. It is enough already. After all, aren’t
the Phillies still playing and chasing a playoff position?

* Speaking of TO, why does he have the right to say he deserves more money and won’t play unless
he gets a new deal? The only people who have contracts and can rightfully say that they deserve
more money are teachers, policemen and firefighters.

* It seems that Mets are starting to get it. The bullpen cannot be used. After the fiasco on Saturday,
Glavine pitched into the ninth in a close game on Monday night and then Zambrano pitched eight
innings on Tuesday. On top of that, Danny Graves was FINALLY designated for assignment after
Steve Trachsel was taken off the DL. Now, who will Trachsel replace in the starting lineup?

* Finally, does anyone else have a problem to the way the media reported on the announcement of
Shaquille O’Neill’s new contract? I read somewhere that he was ONLY making $100 million over five
years and was “kind enough” to accept that over the 5 year/$125 million so the team could get better.
Now, I am not ripping Shaq for getting the money. Everyone knows he gives back and if a genuine
guy. But for someone who is currently not working, I wish the media would watch their wording when
reporting on stories or events.