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June 15 - Retaliation Pitch

I still have a problem with this business of the retaliation pitch in baseball.

I know it seems to be the proper thing to do; protect your teammate who was hit by a pitch with a
retaliation by hitting a batter of your opponent to get even. Now here's what I don't understand:

Isn't the job of a pitcher to get outs?

I always thought it was anyway. But what happens when you retaliate and hit a batter? He gets on base!
Is this what you want to do, even if you do hurt him and "teach him a lesson." I would think that the best
way to get even is to get the SOB out! He can't possibly score a run if he isn't on base now can he?

And yet protocol still says you have to plunk him. No way. Pitch him close, move him off of the plate and
get him out. That's the way it should be, but I don't play the game, I just watch, so how much do I know?

Just my opinion. What's yours?