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April 7 - The Deeds Were Done

It's a shame that this steroids issue is ruining Hall of Fame careers. However, I'm not all sure that it
should be an issue as to what any player accomplished on the field in his playing days.

What bothers me is that the use of steroids is illegal because the steroids themselves are an illegal
substance, just as illegal as cocaine or crack, and that is bad, that is what these players should be
punished for.

As far as their statistical accomplishments, I don't think they should be disregarded because of it. First
of all, you cannot be positive that these records would not have been made if those that made them
were not doing steroids. Of course it helped, but so did smaller ballparks and diluted pitching.

All these players, even without the aid of these steroids, constantly work out and keep themselves in
superb shape all year long, which the players of thirty, forty or fifty years ago did not. This enhances the
possibilities of their accomplishing these feats, and it is why they do it in the first place. Surely, it gives
them an advantage, but so does playing ones career in a hitters park or a pitchers park which might
enhance that players statistics.

My point is what they did, they did and they should be rewarded for what they did. After all, how many
players could do what they did, even if they all did steroids. That's my take on it.