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June 5 - Anyone Know A Good Lawyer?

I think I'm going to sue for Entertainment Deprivation. I missed LeBron's 48.

There are two buildings in my upper west side apartment complex. My wife and I, with our two
Pekingese dogs (Cecil 12, Jester 10) and Isabelle, the smallest amazon parrot in the world (4 1/2
inches, so technically, she's a parrotlet) live in the building where a new chiller needed to be installed
before the central air conditioning could be turned out. The chiller (aptly named) is a massive piece of
equipment that needed to be airlifted to the top of our building and connected to the water system. In
order to do this, a series of events needed to happen in this order. First, the largest water pipe in the
system has to be disconnected, which means no heat is available. This was completed on May 7th.
Second, a New York City permit to airlift the previously mentioned chiller had to be secured. There
was a week delay, but on the 15th, sure enough, it was done. As everyone knows, it takes
approximately two weeks to get the chiller on line, so at worst, we should've been good to go on
Tuesday the 29th. Didn't happen.

It was a hot, humid week following Memorial Day, the 28th. Pekingese dogs have pushed in faces
and very narrow air passages. If they don't get enough air into those passages, they pant, causing the
air passages to swell. When this happens, oxygen cannot get to the heart and they die.

Through the generosity of our building staff, I was able to access an empty apartment in the other
building, where things were running smoothly, including central air conditioning. I'd spent the three
nights of Memorial Day weekend in there, allowing my dogs to sleep peacefully (I was on our cot).
Now, the word came down on Tuesday, the 29th-the air conditioning was not ready. Wednesday, the
same. Thursday, Game 5, Cavs-Pistons, please, please. Nope. So at 9:00 PM, with the wife totally
exhausted from not getting enough sleep at night and working in the apartment during the day, I was
banished to the quiet and cool of the other apartment. When I woke up at 6:00 AM Friday, I checked
my Blackberry to find out I'd missed the 48.

The highlights apparently don't do the 48 any justice.

Why did we have to wait until Friday, June 1st, to get this air conditioning going? Aren't we, as tenants,
entitled to a basic service like climate control? Do I have a case under Entertainment Deprivation? Or
better yet, did anybody tape the game on DVD?