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April 25 - Enough Already!

Is it my imagination or are there many more people walking around Manhattan with Boston Red Sox
hats than last year at this time? I’ll admit to having one of the greatest athletics t-shirt collections in
history, courtesy of many of my friends still crazy enough to be coaching somewhere, but I’m not much of
a hat guy, probably have 5 or 6, tops. So I need a little assistance to see if it’s just me noticing these
hats or am I still a little beaten up by the events of last October?

Okay, Sox fans, you got us, big-time, last year. We thought it was going to be business as usual, we’d
knock you down, make you look silly and send you home to your jinxes. C’mon, even when it was 3-3,
didn’t you think it was just part of the big tease, that we’d kick your butts in Game 7, just as we’d done so
many times before? Even with Kevin Brown on the mound? Didn’t you think that Bubba Crosby or John
Flaherty or some (dare I say) Bucky Dent-kind of guy would do you in again?

All right, all right, I still sometimes have a hard time believing the series of events that transpired from
the time we went up 3-0 and led very late in Game 4 to what happened after that. But where were all
these Red Sox fans hiding before that? Were they really living in Manhattan all this time or did a throng of
them move to New York over the winter, thinking it was safe to live here now? In any event, they seem to
be much bolder now, wearing their “B” and strutting around town. And, of course, the way they got us and
then ACTUALLY won the thing gives us no room for comebacks, so basically, we’re stuck with them now.

Just remember, Sox fans, what you did last year has no carryover effect to this year’s standings and you
need to take a hint from all of us Yankee fans who know what it’s like to win, you have to act like you’ve
been there before. Don’t think that you’re something special because you’ve won it all once out of the
last 86 years.

Enough for now, spring is breaking out again, time to grab one of my hats, walk my dogs and take in a
little bit of the city. I think I’ll wear this one, New York Rangers, 1994 Stanley Cup Champions.

Islanders SUCK!