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December 19 - Season's Beatings

Check out the giant hairy Russian who is the new WBA Heavyweight

There was an ugly fight in Berlin last night. Massachusetts' own John
"The Quiet Man" Ruiz defended his title against 7 foot, 325 pound Nikolay
Valuev, a heroically ugly Russian who just may be the anti-Sharapova.
Imagine a balding Sasquatch, and you really won't be that far off. He looks
like he's been warmed by a cave fire recently.

Ruiz has had a unique career, even for a Don King fighter. He has beaten Evander Holyfield, and he
has been knocked out in 19 seconds by David Tua. Lennox Lewis refused to fight him once (deeming
him unworthy, a decision that made Holyfield-Ruiz a title match), and he retained his title once
because an opponent kept hitting him below the belt.  He lost his title to "Lights Out" Toney, retired in
disgust, and then was given back a title after Toney tested positive for steroids. He even served as
Roy Jones' punching bag once.

So, a disputed loss to a seven footer should fit the pattern well... especially when John's manager
had to be restrained from attacking the judges. The decison (two judges favored Valuev, while a third
had the match at 114-114) will be disputed. Ruiz will have to lose to a girl in order to beat the stuff in
his bio.

Speaking of which, Laila Ali was on the undercard. The daughter of The Greatest is the WBC
women's champion, and she kept her title with a TKO of Sweden's own Asa Sandell.  Muhammad
was in town to collect a peace prize, and he gave his daughter a kiss at ringside.

Laila is 22-0, with 19 KOs.
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