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November 24 - I Am Thankful for Football

Thanksgiving Football Stuff(ing):

- Toni Braxton will sing the national anthem this year, and Mariah Carey has halftime locked down...
and if God is good, someone will disrobe her

- The first NFL Thanksgiving game was 1934's Detroit/Chicago classic. Chicago won (19-16), but
Detroit has played more Turkey games (65) than anyone.

- 25,000 people were at the first game in 1934. It sold out 2 weeks in advance.

- Red Grange made his debut in a non-NFL Thanksgiving game in 1925.

- Teams who played on Thanksgiving Day games in various leagues: Brooklyn Dodgers, New York
Yankees, Chicago Cardinals, Cleveland Rams, the Los Angeles Dons, The Boston Yanks, Chicago
Hornets, Houston Oilers, Racine Legion, and the Hammond Pros.

- NBC aired an innovative new radio format, getting the game on in 94 cities.

- Graham McNamee and Don Wilson called the first Thanksgiving game.

- Dallas has been on every year (save 1975 and 1977) since 1966

- No Thanksgiving games were held between 1939 and 1944.

- The Lions won the title in 1935, thanks to a victory over division rival Chicago on a Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day results, 1920-2004

- Massachusetts is generally considered, ironically, to be the first state to really
go full-over into having games on what is supposed to be the Lord's day.

- New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington DC also have a long tradition
here. San Francisco has hosted a Turkey Bowl since 1925. Many states abhor
the very idea.

- The first high school Thanksgiving game was 1882's gobbler between
Wellesley and Needham. They still play, every Thanksgiving.

- The longest-running continuous Thanksgiving feud is the Boston English/Boston Latin battle, which
has proceeded uninterrupted since 1887. Other long-standing games are Durfee(Fall River)/New
Bedford, Winchester/Woburn, Lawerence/Lowell, and Southie/Eastie.

This continues to be perfect justification for the American Revolution.

Fun Thanksgiving Facts:

- George Bush is said to have Wampanoag blood.

- Metacomet (or King Phillip), the son of honorary guest Massasoit, may have also been a guest at the
first Thanksgiving. After King Phillip's War, his head was hung on a stake outside Plymouth.

- The guy who killed him (a Praying Indian, who's brother had been slain by Metacomet) used to carry
around his severed hand in a bucket of rum, and he never had to buy himself another drink.

- Metacomet's brother- Wamsutta- was poisoned in Duxbury. This act essentially launched KPW.

- Miles Standish founded Duxbury, Massachusetts- America's first suburb, named after Standish's
ancestral home in Albion. John Alden was one of the first settlers there, and the kids today go to
Alden Elementary School.

- Standish loved Priscilla Mullens- but he was a fighter, not a lover. He asked the smoother John
Alden to hook it up for him, though most likely not in those words.

If this sounds like a left turn down Bad Idea Boulevard to you... good. Read Henry Wadsworth
Longfellow's The Courtship of Miles Standish if you want to see what "snake in the grass" means... or
if you want to know how Alden took that fine Pilgrim hunny for his own damn self.

- If that wasn't bad enough... I swear this is true, and you can find it in the Duxbury Reporter archives if
you doubt me....

Miles Standish's final resting place was the subject of extensive debate. An exhumation was ordered,
as they had narrowed it down to one of two spots. Standish had several war wounds that would be
visible even on a skeleton.

Unfortunately, they dug up another guy. His name escapes me, but I will go to my own grave knowing
that old records proved that the guy who they dug up had been put to death because he, and I quote:
"hath partaken in acts of Sodomy with the Brewster livestock."

- Standish has a huge statue on Captain's Hill. It is actually a recreation of the first one, which was
smashed by lightning in 1930something.

I know a guy in Halifax who came into possession of the legs from the first statue. He planned to
display the statue- right off a hairpin turn on Route 58. He had a big party, and a pair of 20 foot legs
can be seen there to this very day- right across from Pogo's II.

I know another guy who lives a bit down the road from it. He checked his odometer one day, and has
since described his house as being "half a mile from the half o' Myles."
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