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October 22 - Disturbing The Priest

Most of you don't know that I spent a lot of 2005 involved in Katrina relief work. During that time, I
established a rapport with the Pastor of the Trinity Church in Covington, Louisiana. Here's the addy...

I got him a FAT free radio ad played nationally on AOL, and I also got him some much-needed
warehouse space. I also operated a message board that helped people get in contact with missing
family members. I even housed refugees.

Toot Toot my own horn, yes....

I have friends in Louisiana, and I was driven by that to become involved when Katrina basically
smashed their hometown into wet kindling. They're fine, now... I spent a chunk of this summer visiting
there, and they basically own a plantation. Pure Southern Luxury.

But I still keep in touch with Pastor Sprague....... we still trade emails now and then.... the motherlover
works like a hungry immigrant, and God is lucky to have that man on  His side.

But I'm a bottom-line kind of girl.... and don't try to shove that soul-caging Eternal Reward stuff down
my throat when I want something tangible.... so it's time call in Pastor Sprague's marker.

From the "Sent Mail" section of Monponsett's AOL account:

Pastor Sprague,   

You owe me...

I got you a free national radio ad during the greatest crisis your flock ever faced, as well as leaning on
the guy who got you the warehouse space..... and, while some might not want to put the squeeze on a
Pastor. I'm not above such things.   It's time to collect.   

At the next mass (or whatever you Southerners call it... I was drafted by the Catholics, myself) you
preach.... and at every Mass afterwards until All Saints Day (unless there's a lot of rain in the New
England area, which will lengthen the time needed) ... I want a public prayer for the Boston Red Sox to
win the 2007 World Series. Don't play it for comedy, either... I want God listening seriously when you
address Him.   

Now.. I know that there are souls to pray for, hungry to feed, poor to help along, and so forth... and
that's all well and good. I know you've been working tirelessly helping out after Katrina, and I
appreciate that (and I'm not alone).... but, like, all those people can wait a couple weeks, no?   

I mean... I'm trying to cover all the bases. I've spoken with a Muslim friend of mine who handles my
illegal sports booking, and he assured me that he'd go to his Imam with my request. My attorney will
be speaking to his Rabbi. I smoke a little grass now and then, so Buddha is covered. I live near
Boston... which is essentially Dublin I figure that the Catholics are already locked in. You're
my Baptist.   

Now, stop all this clowning around with the Katrina victims and get to work. Don't make me have to
come down there.   

- Stacey

Update.... Sprague works quick, I'll give him that:


You got it!!!!!!!!!!     

Everyone down here is for Boston! I don't know one person in the south who isn't cheering for the
SOX. Honest.   

It's a done deal. Boston's got it. Even this old Orioles fan is sold out to the Sox this world series.
Actually its anybody but the Yankees. Sox in 6 games.

We are even now.   

Sleep easy.   

- Pastor Michael
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