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April 24 - Civil War Brothers, AL East Enemies

I was at Choco-Latte in Sagamore the other day, just as the Sox and Yankees were firing up a three
game series at Fenway. As I was trying to enjoy my gelato, someone came up to me and asked for
directions to Falmouth.

Tourist season is just beginning, and I began to go instantly into that giving-directions mode all Cape
residents operate in at times... when I saw that Yankees hat her husband was wearing. This flipped
the script.

"You're almost there. Go back over that bridge (the Sagamore) up Route Three, get off at Exit Ten, take
a right, then go about a mile." While fronting like I lived in Falmouth (not easy with my accent), I gave
them directions which, if followed properly, took them to The Milepost Restaurant in decidedly
off-Cape Duxbury, Massachusetts. Of course I wrote it down for them.

Eff them. They should know better than to go out in public dressed like that. I certainly wouldn't walk
through Hell's Kitchen in a Big Papi shirt.. and if I did, I'd deserve whatever happened to me. Maybe
they got a nice lunch out of it, maybe not... I don't care.

Enjoy and remember this three game sweep of the Evil Empire that we just witnessed. Look back on
it fondly when the September Swoon hits, about mid-August. Time has shown that the Yankees will
prevail generally, so sit down and absolutely savor us whipping them like a government mule on a
warm April weekend when hope seemed to seep out of the tree branches.

As for the family I saw at Choco-Latte.... I hope that they enjoyed Duxbury.

Since we have the topic out there....

- I don't deliberately mislead Rhode Islanders, NH, VT, Maine or western Mass people. I'd invite a
fellow New Englander into my house to use MapQuest if I saw a Red Sox hat on them.

- When a car pulls up with Connecticut plates, I can tell- just by looking at them-  if they root for the Sox
or the Yankees. Connecticut Sox fans go to Falmouth, Connecticut Yankees go to Duxbury. Sox fans
call this ability "Hatedar," and it is born-not-taught.

- No other state/team (except the Los Anglese Lakers, and Californians specifically have to be
wearing Laker gear) elicits this response from me. Bulls, Bears, Bucks, Bengals, Brewers, Browns...
I do the best I can for all of them.

- It's quite possible that they asked for directions in Duxbury, only to be answered by someone of
like-me-mindedness (I grew up in Duxbury), who then sent them even further off into the hinterland.
This could set them on a Bridgewater-Quincy-Maine-Alabama pattern that might even involve a "Cape
ferry" trip that ends in Le Havre (provided the marks run into an Ascended Master of my trade).

- If you're going to try to send Yankee fans to Canada.... remember to send them AROUND the state of
New York. They might catch on, otherwise. I like to think that the ride through Maine will make them
enjoy Quebec that much more.

I don't dislike tourists. I dislike Yankee fans. Sometimes, the Yankee fan is the tourist, and that's just
how the cookie crumbles, folks. At worst, they learn a valuable life lesson... and knowledge is the gift
that keeps on giving.

That's the pattern, and I'm sticking with it for the forseeable future. If you're from New York, travelling to
Cape Cod, and wearing a Jeter shirt, don't take directions from a French girl who may or may not have
a devious smile working.

The Red Sox go to Yankee Stadium this weekend.... and I really could use some more Gelato.
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