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January 29 - Ainge a Fan No More

Danny Ainge had better watch his nuggets, because I fully plan on kicking
him square in the pants if our paths should ever cross. In case you're
wondering how to wreck an NBA franchise, you could do no better than to
spend a little time following the career of Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge.

Ainge took over a team that wasn't getting any better than an Eastern
Conference Finals visit. He then:

- Traded Antoine Walker for Raef LaContract and his 50 million dollar deal, effectively squashing our
free agent flexibility for the rest of my daughter's childhood.

- Botched the Gin Baker termination, putting 5 million a year on our salary cap for a 7 foot drunkard
who is currently operating a Connecticut eatery.

- Gave up a first round pick to get Walker back for 25 games, before trading him for peanuts.

- Inked long deals with Dan Dickau(which I believe we can get out of next year), Brian Scalabrine, and
Mark Blount. The moderately talented Scalabrine is signed through 2000 friggin' 10.

- Allowed- no, helped- a conference rival to sign Rasheed Wallace.

- Drove a fairly good coach out of town by trading the defensive heart of the team.

- Brought in a coach who I believe lost 18 of his first 20 games before being kicked out of Disneyland.

- Has openly attempted to trade franchise player Paul  Pierce.

- Allows his hand picked coach, Old Man Rivers, to keep promising big man Al Jefferson on the bench.

- Made a six year old girl cry back in the early 1980s when he refused to get out of his limo to give her
an autograph.

He's done other stuff, but it is too nice a day to get this angry.

I grew up watching the Celtics, including ol' Danny Boy himself. They used to be good, although that
was back in the day when McHale, Parish and Bird walked down that aisle.

Granted, Celtic fans are lucky to get a Larry Bird-type player once in a lifetime... and if you throw in
Russell and Havlicek, one could argue that maybe we've used up all of our good luck in this sport.

But to suffer the Reign Of Error that our GM has put us through almost concurrently with Rick Pitino's
incompetence makes me think that God isn't on our side anymore, and hat he might actually HATE us

You probably can see this coming, but Wally is signed for 10, 11, 12, and 13
million dollars for the next few years. He'll be out there with the pitiful Raef, who
most certainly will exercise his option that brings him in $12-13 million a year.
In his own jump-shooting, no defense, oft-injued way... he's sort of like a

In short, we're ruined. This lottery certainty went out and made itself decidedly
worse, for many years to come. No free agents can be signed. I'd say that the
Celtics are the Clippers of the East, except for the fact that the Clippers are in
relatively good position when compared to the Celtics.

Ainge needs to be fired immediately. Why? If the reasons listed above or the awful Celtic team we
see right now aren't enough, consider that he is still shopping Pierce around. He'll make that deal
soon- he has nothing else to offer anyone, save a rookie-for-rookie crap shoot.

Anyone with even base NBA knowledge must know that Danny will get rooked when this deal goes
down. I keep seeing Dallas' Mr. Van Horn in Celtic green during my now daily nightmares. To be
bl(o)unt, there are no other oft-injured overpaid white guys out there.

Red Auerbach in a coma could do no worse than Ainge has done- hell, the coma would have
prevented him from making the Davis/Wally deal. Danny needs to be fired, in as humiliating a way as

The Celtics are going nowhere for a long, long time... and this will lead Danny into a lot of negative
publicity. One way he can get good pub is to attend charity functions... which brings him into MY realm.

When that happens, it's only a matter of time before I cave that sandy SOB in for the ruin he has
brought onto the back of what used to be my favorite team.
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