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January 26 - Warn the Villagers

Crazed Indianapolis forward Ron Artest was traded to Sacramento for someone
who's name is spelled something very much like Peja Stojakovic.

Artest, as you may recall, is the gentleman who had that fistfight with the city of
Detroit last season and got suspended for 70 games or so. That's about par for
the course at Artest CC, who has also:

--Asked his coach for a month off so that he could promote his new CD

--Founded a rap label called Tru Warier

--Produced and financed a girl-group named Allure, who are currently #345134561346145th on the
Billboard charts

--Requested a trade from a team that stood by him after his suspension, seemingly out of nowhere.

--Busted this freestyle:
Hear Artest rap!

Northern California might not be ready for the Artest Formerly Known As Ron. Reggie Theus was the
guy who used to do all the shooting in Chicago before Jordan arrived, and he grew to enjoy Chicago's
style. After he was traded to Sacramento, Reggie was asked how he liked California. He replied,
"Sacramento is not California."

Ron Artest is a superb scorer, an adroit defender, and has what rank among the faster hands in the
NBA. He was a middle of the first round pick who blossomed as a pro. He's an all star and a former
Defensive Player of the Year. Indy- who posted the best record in the NBA during Artest's last full
season- looks awful without him.

Ron is also buck nutty, like a Snickers. He's been in the crowd, and Indy began to openly shop him
before a quarter season had passed. Larry and the gang managed to get Peja in return for him. He
can shoot like a SOB, but his game doesn't go that far beyond three pointers. I could score 20 on the
big Serb, who has battled near-constant injury over the last two years. The next tough rebound he
gets will be his first.

Peja won't go into the stands after anyone, though... and Indianapolis sort of distanced themselves
from a crazy relative by sending Ron off to Sac City, who needed to do something drastic after
stumbling out of the gate sans Webber.

Short of bringing in Rodman or Roy Tarpley, it doesn't get more drastic than Ron Artest.
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