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May 1 - Random Thoughts

Too much fun stuff has gone on lately that needs mentioning, so today, we do it bullet point style:

--From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department: The pitching matchup in Saturday's
Yankees/Blue Jays game was David Bush versus Chien-Ming Wang. Yes, that is right. It was Bush
versus Wang.
--Speaking of funny pitching combinations, currently residing in the Mets bullpen are Royce Ring and
Heath Bell. I'll let you figure that one out yourselves.
--Sayonara to former Jet kicker Doug Brien. After choking in the Playoffs this past January in Pittsburgh,
Jet fans couldn't see him leave fast enough. The writing was on the wall when the Jets drafted kicker
Mike Nugent in the second round last weekend. And the cut came during this past week. The Jets tried
to kick him through the door, but came up short.
--Big props to USA Basketball for overhauling the selection process for the Olympic Team, and for
bringing in former Phoenix Suns leader Jerry Colangelo to run the show. There is no need to rehash the
mess that US Olympic Basketball became the last few years except to say that this change was
overdue. Colangelo is already demanding a stronger commitment from those who get selected to play. I
STILL say, however, that the US representative for all World Championships and Olympics should be
that season's NBA Champion, with other stars supplementing the team as replacements for an
international players.
--Mrs. Mirl broke out Star Wars Episode I the other day, to help us get back up to speed in anticipation of
the opening of the next Star Wars movie in a couple weeks. My impressions from that film after watching
it again? Has there ever been a more worthless movie character than Jar Jar Binks? The CGI
character/buffoon almost ruined the movie. Why, George Lucas, why?
--Staying off sports for just one more minute......Mrs. Mirl brought home the latest issue of US magazine,
with Brad and Angelina on the cover. My only comment: Is it me or does the tattoo on Angelina's left
shoulder look more like a tire track than a tattoo? More importantly: If it is a tire track, how exactly did it
get there?
--Segueing back to sports with a "sports entertainment" story: Our deepest condolences to the friends
and family of professional wrestler Chris Candido, who passed away this week. What is scary about his
passing is how it happened, though. He wrestled in a pay-per-view for WWE competitor TNA on Sunday
night, but legitimately broke his ankle during his match. On Monday, he had surgery to repair the ankle.
On Tuesday, he took part in TNA's TV tapings in Orlando before flying to his New Jersey home on
Wednesday. On Thursday night, however, he passed away from either a blood clot or staph infection
(depending in which reports you read) stemming from complications from the surgery. Now, folks like
Phil Mushnick of the New York Post will undoubtedly spin this into a "wrestling killed someone else"
story. To me, this isn't the case here. Candido, a recovering drug addict, had gone on record recently
saying he had been clean for 18 months and was in possibly the best shape of his life. Doctors do say,
though, that those with heavy drug use in their past are more susceptible to complications such as this.
Regardless, this is a death that came way too early. Candido was just 33.
--While on the topic of "sports entertainment", John Rocker made his debut for the Long Island Ducks
on Friday night. And cost them the game. Four walks and two wild pitches after entering a tie game in
the bottom of the ninth is a bad sign of things to come for the former Braves closer/piece of white trash.
In my column of
April 8, I called for the Ducks to release him before he even had the chance to throw a
pitch in a game for them. Now that he has, and lost one for them, Rocker Karma is starting to appear out
in Islip.
--By the way, have you seen Rocker's hair yet? No? Well,
here it is (photo courtesy Newsday).
--Doug Flutie is being given yet another chance to make an NFL team. The 42-year-old has signed a
deal with the New England Patriots. Now, with all of the shrewd moves the Pats have made the last few
years, not to mention the three Super Bowls, who am I to criticize Jet turncoat Bill Belichick. But I will ask
this question - Did he make this move to bring in a QB or just so he had someone around who is
smaller than he is?
--Here is an overlooked sidebar in the Bulls/Wizards Playoff series: Who is Michael Jordan rooting for?
I'm guessing the Bulls, since Jerry Krause and his sunny personality are no longer in charge in the
Windy City. Of course, if he still owns a minority interest in the Wiz, who knows. My guess would still be
the Bulls.