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April 12 - My Name is Eric and I'm an Addict

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I'm a Fantasy Baseball addict.

I'm the guy that starts getting ready for the drafts in February. That is when the first preview magazines
come out. Of course, there are no free agent signings in them, because the deadlines are so early. But I
buy them anyway. All of them.

It is a week and a half into the baseball season. All my drafts are done. Of course, now I'm looking at
trying to make trades.

There has to be a game on now, right?

This is the best team I've ever had.

If there is a computer in front of me, I'm continually checking boxscores, waiting for the next at-bat by one
of my players.

I'm in two leagues - one mixed AL/NL league, one NL only. I can tell you the fifth outfielder on half the
teams in baseball because of that.

I need a pitcher in one league, a hitter in the other. But unfortunately, I can't trade between the two
teams. But that would REALLY rock!!!

On-line draft? In-person? I'm there!!!! Need someone to draft a team for you? I'm there!!!!

I'm already prepping for next year's draft. There are a few prospects in AA ball that might be Rookie of the
Year candidates next season. I have to make room for them on my team.

Baseball package on digital cable? Banned from our apartment. Why? I'd never go to sleep.

It is April 12 and I'm upset I was knocked out of first place yesterday. Man, my team sucks.

Make me a trade offer. Please. I need to lose sleep tonight figuring out whether to make the deal or not.

I'm the guy that is still trying to figure out who to pick in the 22nd round, even though I picked someone a
week ago. That was a terrible pick.

What is the score in the Washington-Houston game? I've got a few hitters in that one.

New Yorkers can't watch Met games. That is even more painful for an addict like me.

I'm the guy that asks everyone he knows their opinion on trade offers that I might make. Our cats usually
give me the best answer. They just lick themselves or walk away (or lick themselves, then walk away).

This is the best, no worst, no best team I've ever had.

It's April 12. I need to make a trade. I just NEED to. My teams doesn't need it, of course. I do.

There I said it, even if the thoughts are scattered and random. But that is the way my mind thinks these
days - at-bat by at-bat. Oops, I mean sentence by sentence.

Now back to that big Detroit versus Kansas City game. My fifth starting pitcher is in that one.