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25 Years Later - The Goal That Shook Long Island

Most Islander fans can tell you where they were when the New York Islanders won their first Stanley
Cup, 25 years ago this week. I know exactly where I was - in the old press box at Nassau Coliseum,
surveying the pandemonium that made the arena throb with emotion and pride. I remember...

--Lorne Henning curling at mid ice to begin the play on the winning goal, a fitting exclamation point to the
career of that original Islander.
--The swirl of players and fans spinning on the ice like a carousel and TV camera fought their way
through the crowd to interview the players .
--Henning saying in the locker room afterward that he wished long-time teammate and friend Dave
Lewis could have been there, too (Lewis had been traded in March for Butch Goring).
--Wayne Merrick, still in his uniform, telephoning a boyhood friend back home to share the joy, one
childhood pal to another.
--Islander wives in the locker room, some playfully peeking under the towels their husbands (and the
other players) had wrapped around their waists.
--Denis Potvin, when I asked him how heavy the Cup was: "Not so heavy that I couldn't carry it."
Newsday story, before the parade, predicting that a crowd of "between 5,000 and 50,000 people
were expected..."
--The parade: a caravan of cars and trucks that somewhat aimlessly encircled the Coliseum, as if they
weren't sure where to go.
--The party I held at my home for family and neighbors; I still have the picture of my baby daughter (she's
now 25) in the Cup.