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November 27 - Why College Tops the Pros

Here is a listing of reasons why the NCAA and March Madness trump the NBA.......

25. Take a look at the crowd at an Atlanta Hawks game and compare it to the crowd at Georgia Tech.

24. College Basketball can offset KG and LeBron with Gathers and Bias. Looks to me like a wash.

23. You can pronounce 95% of college basketball players’ names without any problems.

22. Gonzaga, Bucknell, Valpo, UW-Milwaukee, Butler, Southern Illinois, Kent State. Nothing better than
watching Cinderella at the Ball.

21. Adam Morrison’s cheesy mustache.  Just outstanding comedic work on his part.  

20. The NBA has degenerated into isolations and pick and rolls all game long. The college game is a
more team-oriented, free-flowing style. The way I’m sure James Naismith likes it as he gazes from
the heavens.

19. Did I mention that James Naismith never had anything to do with the history of the NBA? However
he was a professor at……….“Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk”, that’s right Naismith taught at Kansas.

18. Quick, name 10 NBA coaches. I’ll give you three minutes. They don’t
come quite as easily as names like Knight, Williams (both Roy and Gary),
Boeheim, Olson, Calhoun, Krzyzewski, Keady, Smith, and Sutton.

17. Speaking of General Robert Montgomery Knight……….college
basketball has him and the NBA never will.

16. Cameron Indoor Stadium. Built in 1940, still probably the best
atmosphere for hoops on the planet.

15. Stephen A. Smith and Bill Walton have absolutely nothing to do with the commentary on college

14. It’s the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back that matters. The players can come
and go but as long as it says North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, and UCLA the people will

13. The NCAA Tournament is the second most legally gambled upon sporting event behind the Super
Bowl. It would probably be the first if anybody was ever able to count up the amount of money bet in
office pools.

12. Bo Kimble, T.J. Sorrentine, Bryce Drew, Harold Arcenaux, and “Mouse” McFadden. Who will ever
forget their March contributions?

11. Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson won’t attack you.

10. NCAA players can’t go on strike; NCAA hoops can’t be locked out. You never have to worry about
not being able to watch your favorite teams play.

9. The fans care more. From Spokane, Wash to Chapel Hill, NC the fans of college basketball add
more to the game. If you jumped up and down like Cameron Crazies do during EVERY game at
Staples Center or MSG, they would escort you out of the building immediately.

8. David Stern doesn’t change the rules for the playoffs or the actual game every season. In college,
you’ve always been able to play a zone……speaking of zones….

7. John Chaney’s matchup zone and Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 zone are run better than anything being run
on an NBA court………..perhaps that’s because…….

6. In college a coach is somebody you actually have to listen to.  In the NBA the coach is somebody
that gets fired when “star” players complain about touches.

5. 1992. Elite Eight. Duke-Kentucky. Name one NBA game that can match that one in quality of play
and intensity……….

4. Since we’re talking about actual games right now………..Quick…………First
game-winning shot that comes into your head? Tell me it isn’t Derrick
Whittenberg launching that airball which Lorenzo Charles caught and dunked to
win the 1983 NCAA Title for North Carolina State and……………

3. That reminds me. College hoops had Jimmy V. “If you have a goal, if you have
dream, don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

(Hold on, I got something in my eye here)

2. When presented with a choice of coaching the NBA’s marquee franchise, the
Los Angeles Lakers, Mike Krzyzewski said no. Coach K decided he was better off coaching college’s
marquee team, the Duke Blue Devils.

1. 65 teams. Single elimination tournament. One Champion. Still the fairest way to decide a champ in
any sport.