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May 19 - A Sports Medley

Have you ever had a bad case of writer’s block?  So much so, that it was beginning to affect your
overall personality?  All day Sunday I was trying to write a good sports article.  I wrote a bunch of first
paragraphs on a variety of topics but could never close the deal.  I was the “buzzed” guy at the bar at
1:00 A.M. who had chatted with five different women during the night, but hadn’t made his move on
one and now was desperately trying to salvage some poontang.

With that in mind, this top ten list was formed.  It’s a medley of thoughts on the world of sports.  
Without further ado…………..

10.  Is it possible for ESPN to go five minutes without discussing Barry Bonds?  Would it really kill
them?  50% of the people watching hate him and the other 50% don’t care.  So what demographic
are they trying to appeal to?

9.  Hey, if I was a professional athlete I’d spend a night in Paris as well.  Why
shouldn’t Matt Leinart add another high-profile notch to the bedpost?

8.  I think after Miami beats New Jersey tonight, LeBron James is going to have a
bunch of new cheerleaders in Miami.  If Cleveland can force Detroit to play seven
games, the Heat will be a lot more threatening in the Eastern Conference Finals.

(BTW, this whole Shaq was cruising through the regular season so he could be
fresh for the playoffs theory is picking up more steam.  He has looked better the
last two weeks than he did all season for Miami.)

7.  Oakland A’s fans shouldn’t hit the panic button just yet.  With Milton Bradley, Esteban Loiaza, Rich
Harden and Justin Duchsherer all on the DL, the A’s are missing an awful lot.  Yet they stand only two
games out of first behind a Texas Rangers team that will crumble.  

6.  The NBA desperately needs a Dallas-Phoenix Western Conference Finals.  It would be the most
entertaining playoff series of the past ten years.  Plus, there would be a chance that we could bare
witness to biggest kick in the balls of the last five years.  If Steve Nasty were to lead Phoenix through
Dallas and into the NBA Finals, Mark Cuban may have to be put on suicide watch.

5.  After making overtures at Rick Barnes, John Calipari, Steve Lavin and John Beilein…….North
Carolina State ended up with Sidney Lowe.  That’s like getting rejected by two supermodels, one “six
beer special” and one chick with bad breath and then heading home with the 280-pound former
Olympic softball catcher.

4.  I’m not sure what’s more enjoyable.  Watching Randy Johnson get shelled OR watching Yankee
fans watch Randy Johnson gets shelled.

3.  I think Sam Cassell’s postgame interview in Game 4 when he continually referred to Steve Nash,
as “rook” was quite possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen.

2.  The New Orleans Saints should play every card they have available to them when it comes to
Reggie Bush getting to wear #5.  The #5 Reggie Bush jersey has the potential to break every NFL
jersey sales record.

1.  If this is San Antonio’s last stand…..which it very well might be.  Dallas better make sure they close
it out in Game 6.  If if gets to Game 7 in San Antonio, the Spurs are heading back to the NBA Finals.

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