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April 8 - Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

For the next month and a half, Kevin Durant will be inundated with people whispering that he would
be a fool to not declare for the NBA Draft.  They will tell Durant about the $70 million that Nike will
throw at him.  Agents will give him the same treatment that “Vinny Chase” got when he cruelly decided
explore the option of replacing “Ari Gold”.  Writers will talk about how if the goal of college is to get a
great education so you can get a good job, that Durant has already done enough to accomplish this
goal.  What nobody has done is articulate the other side.  The reasoning for why he should stay in
school.  That’s where I come in.  So Kevin, if you’re reading make sure you take the following five
things into account before voting “yes” on the money and “no” on Texas.       

“Stray Tail”

If everything were to hold to form, Memphis and Boston would have the top two picks in the draft.  The
quality of women in both cities isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible either.  But what’s that car coming into
focus in your rearview mirror…….ahh that would be Milwaukee.  Comparing the women in Austin,
Texas to the women in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is like trying to compare a bottle of Merlot pulled out of
Robert Mondavi’s private collection to a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.  There’s no blonde hair, blue-eyed,
bikini-clad, Daisy Dukes wearing sophomore walking around some outdoor bar drinking a Pina
Colada in Milwaukee.  Before you walk away from the seventeen-keg party that is the University of
Texas, I would implore you to take one trip up to Milwaukee and realize what you might be getting
yourself into.  

To top it off, the moment you get drafted, every woman you hook up with is going to hope that you
become the father of her baby.  If you stay in college, that pressure is off your shoulders.  The 19 or 20
year-old girls at the University of Texas are just looking to have a good time and haven’t thought that
far ahead yet.  Think about it…..

“Big Man on Campus”

You know that blonde hair, blue-eyed, bikini-clad, Daisy Dukes wearing sophomore we were just
talking about.  She wants to get drunk and then get naked in your dorm room.  You know what?  So do
the 95,000 other women on their campus (UT’s total enrollment is 190,000….I’m safely assuming
half are women).  Just think about that for a second.  95,000 women attend that school and think
Kevin Durant is greatest thing since sliced bread.  To top it all off, if you decide against the NBA Draft
you can even pull the “I’m not about the money even though it’s there for the taking, I love my friends
and my school” angle.  Kevin…..they’d have to install one of those number dispensers they have at
the bakery outside your dorm room if you decided to stay in school.  I’m dead serious.  

“March Madness”

Nielsen Media Research estimated that 132.7 million viewers watched all or part of CBS Sports'
overall coverage of the 2007 NCAA Tournament.  That’s about 100 million more than will watch you
play in the NBA Finals.  Getting eliminated in the second round cannot be what you had in mind when
you began your freshman season.  However, if you stick around for another year there is no way a
team with you, D.J. Augustin, and A.J. Abrams doesn’t threaten for the Final Four.  In fact, I’d go on
record as saying that Texas would be the team I hand the top spot to in my preseason rankings if you
make the decision to come back.

“Being Tim Duncan or Peyton Manning”

The two guys listed above could get charged with one DWI a week for the next month and everybody
would still think they are great guys.  You know why that is?  Because they all stayed in school for an
extra year.  I’m not saying it is right, however people tend to perceive guys that leave early from school
in a lesser light than guys who stuck around.  The same adjectives always get tossed around Peyton
Manning and Tim Duncan.  Selfless, great leader, intelligent.  You know what………they’ll say the
same thing about you if you stick around for another season.

“The Real Job”

Once you leave college…….that’s it.  The NBA for all intents and purposes is a real job.  They make
you go to practice, work out everyday in the offseason, and play 82 games a year.  In college, you play
30-37 games, have official practice in the fall, and work out the entire summer basically
unsupervised.  There’s a lot more free time you can mix in there to go see that bikini-clad baby
sipping on a Pina Colada at three in the afternoon.  Why do you think half of the players in the NBA
play like they wish they weren’t there?  Real jobs suck.  It’s plain and simple.

There are 70 million reasons to leave school, but there are 95,000 reasons to stay.  I know the
decision I would make if I were in your shoes.  Take a couple hours and walk the streets of Austin.  
Look around.  Do you really want to take the chance that you may end up in Milwaukee next winter?

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