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January 9 - Dear Chris Mullin

Congratulations!  The Golden State Warriors are 17-16 and have a real shot to
make the playoffs for the first time since 1992.  From McClymonds to St. Joseph's
and from USF to UC-Berkeley, the Bay Area had always been a haven for high
school and college basketball.  However for the first time in years, the Golden
State Warriors are stealing the front page in winter.  Not since you paired with Tim
Hardaway and Mitch Richmond has the phrase, "I doubt we can get tickets, that
game is definitely sold out" been uttered.

You deserve all the credit in the world for that Chris.  By the way, you may or may not remember me.  I
was at a basketball camp you were counselor at in fourth grade.  Not only that, but you drove me
home when my parents forgot to pick me up.  You may have forgotten, but I never did. When I was a
kid, I thought you, Tim, Mitch, and Sleepy were four of the coolest guys on the planet. I won’t go all the
way and say that you were my hero, because I’m 28 years old now and that would be poor form.  
However, I will tell you that I went ahead and had a flat-top like yours from 4th through 6th grade.  That
is why nothing makes me happier than to see you come back and lift the team from the ashes, which
the previous regimes had left it in.

Here's the thing though Chris and I know you are seeing exactly what I'm seeing.  While Baron, JRich,
and the boys can get a lot of points on the board.....they couldn't stop San Leandro High from getting
102 points as well.  Toss in the fact that the word "soft" is getting thrown around more than a little bit
and the Warriors are looking like a team that will be "one and done" come playoff time.  This can be
fixed though, just by looking into your past.

Ron Artest from Queens.  Ron Artest from St. John's.  Ron Artest can be had right now.  Many say
Indiana would take Troy Murphy straight up for a guy who started off his high school and college
basketball life just like you.  

Mr. Mullin, there is a reason why yours has been the only name mentioned when it comes to Ron
Artest.  It’s because Ron Artest is from Queens, it is because he is from St. John’s.  You know that
you wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t make a move for him.  You know what Ron-Ron brings to
the table.  You know sometimes you need to push your chips to the middle and go all-in.

Don't overthink this one Chris.  Troy Murphy is a nice player.  He will give any team he is on 16 and 8
for the next five years.  However, Ron Artest is probably the best two-way swing player in the league.  
He would give our beloved Warriors that grit, fire, and intensity that is lacking on defense, along with
some added offensive punch.  To top it off, Troy Murphy is easily replaced by the rising Ike Diogu.  

Have your secretary write this starting five down on a notepad.  Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Ron
Artest, Ike Diogu, Adonal Foyle.  It’s a pretty good look ain’t it?

The Golden State Warriors have been mediocre, but now we have the opportunity to move on up.  You
spent the big money to hire Mike Montgomery for a reason.  You made the deal for Baron Davis for a
reason.  It is because you knew these big names would make a big impact.  

Chris Mullin, look across that Oakland sports complex and ask yourself……What would Billy Beane
do?  He brought in Milton Bradley, so you know the answer.  Chris, dare to be great.  You did it so well
as a player.  Now do it as a GM.