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2005 NBA Draft Blog

Time for the NBA Draft - one of my favorite nights of the year. The kids, the families and posses, the
suits ....does it get any better than this?

As we get ready to dig in for the Draft, here are the burning
--Who goes No. 1: Andrew Bogut or Marvin Williams? It says
here Bogut. It is the classic Draft question - Do you go for the
sure thing, even though it isn't going to be a star, or the guy
that will be a good player, but might become a superstar?
--If Williams doesn't go first, where, exactly, will he go, since the latest buzz is that Atlanta might actually
be leaning towards Chris Paul and Utah traded up to the third spot so they could get Deron Williams?
--In their last year of eligibility before the new CBA, how many high schoolers go in the first round?
--How many unproven foreign players go before proven college players?
--How many times will we hear about a players "upside"?
--How will Isiah Thomas screw up the Knicks' two first round picks?

So keep checking back and refreshing this page for real-time updates and commentary on tonight's
festivities. Other contributors from The Writers will also be sending in their thoughts.

7:30 - Yo, Milwaukee Bucks. You are on the clock as soon as The Commish comes out and welcomes
us all. Please avoid one of my biggest Draft complaints and make your pick right away. Do you really
need five more minutes to decide?

7:32 - And here is David to say hi, stumbling over the words in his welcome, but making sure to mention
the WNBA.

7:34 - Looks like the fashion trend tonight is striped ties. Just about everyone is wearing one, including
almost every player. The suits look pretty mellow, too.

7:36 - Thanks for keeping it short, Bucks. It is Bogut at number one.

7:37 - OK. Let's analyze this pick. The Bucks get a guy who will average around 17 points and 8
rebounds a game for the next ten years. A star? No. A solid player that will help you win? Absolutely. But
the intangible is this - he is a quality person and very intelligent. He's a guy anyone would want on their

7:39 - Stuart Scott's first nickname of the night....Mark Jones is "Jonesy".

7:42 - The Hawks grab Marvin Williams at 2, shocking no one, although the whispers were that they
were thinking about Chris Paul.

7:44 - Let's digest the Williams pick. Here is what he can be - at the high end Vince Carter, at the low
end Joe Smith. At number 2, a great pick. And here is Dick Vitale to rip the pick, saying they should have
taken Chris Paul.

7:46 - The first crying mom in the Green Room - Marvin's mom.

7:46 - At number 3, the Jazz will take a point guard. The Commish is out and it is Deron Williams, who
they traded up specifically to take. Nice hesitation step by Davey when announcing the pick. Man, I was
sitting on the edge of my seat waiting. As The Writers' Ed Barnes just IMed, "Stern's stutter tells us he
picks for every team really. He was thinking Chris Paul but overruled himself."

7:49 - Oops. Bad camera cut. Mike Tirico can't be happy with that shot.

7:51 - We are in our first commercial break and I am extremely disappointed so far. No wild suits. No
ridiculous celebrations in the Green Room. Just a couple Stern moments and that is about it. Give me
something to work with, please!

7:53 - New Orleans takes Chris Paul at number 4. Great tie in Wake Forest colors. And here is his
biggest fan, Dickie Vitale. Oh, wait. He is an ACC guy - Vitale HAS to love him.

7:54 - Dickie V is finally done giving Paul major love. Good thing they aren't in a private room - I wouldn't
want to know what Dick would do if they were alone.

7:55 - A direct quote from Chris Paul's brother (and now manager): "He used to grab a knife since I was
so much bigger than he was but it was all out of love". He better not screw up now. I'd be very scared.

7:58 - Charlotte takes Raymond Felton from North Carolina. You can hear the cheers all over the state.
Is it the right pick? Hey, they aren't winning this year anyway, so why not? He is going to sell lots of
tickets and he knows how to win, so how bad can it really be? Of course, Stephen A. Smith was talking
about them drafting Winnie the Pooh and it wouldn't make a difference. Way to go, Stephen A., You have
just moved into the lead for tonight's dumb comments.

8:04 - How come David isn't wearing a suit? Did he have flashbacks to the ugly brown summer number
he wore a few years back?

8:06 - Time for the dysfunctional Blazers. And they take a high schooler, but not the one expected to go
first - it is Martell Webster from Seattle. His mother is screaming wildly in the background - is it because
he got picked sixth or because she realizes he is about to get screwed up by all of the other players on
the Blazers?

8:08 - "Upside" is out this year - I don't think I've heard it yet. But how many times is Jay Bilas going to
use the word "long"? And as Ed Barnes says, "Jay, why mention everyone's wingspan? They are all tall.
They play basketball. We've gathered that they all have long arms at this point."

8:10 - What exactly is Martell Webster's grandmother wearing on her head?

8:12 - Time for the Raptors, who are about to depress a player by reminding him that he is paying more
in taxes than any other player in the Draft. Sorry, Charlie. Villanueva, that is. This one is a bit high. But he
is "long" according to Bilas. Here is your first shocker of the Draft.

8:14 - They are killing this pick!!! Stephen A. is yelling. The happiest team in the league, the Knicks, are
now on the clock. They have a ton of great options now - Granger, Frye, even Green, although a high
schooler isn't the best fit for New York. Guaranteed Isiah screws up and takes Sean May, though.
Anyone but a power forward works.

8:17 - The fans want Channing Frye. They get him, too. Happiness abounds in New York. Isiah makes a
solid pick, believe it or not. But Danny Granger was the best player on the board and possibly a better fit.
And the Gerald Green freefall is officially underway.

8:20 - The crew in lukewarm on Frye, but he comes from an NBA Factory in Arizona and can play center.
You really can't complain about the pick, even if Granger has more potential. And Frye is a local kid from
White Plains, right near where the Knicks practice. This is their best first rounder in years.

8:23 - The Warriors are on the clock and, with Granger and Green still surprisingly available, they might
be forced to actually take an American player. I love what we are seeing - eight picks, just one high
schooler, no international players. Are NBA teams finally wising up to the fact that college players
actually are the best prepared for the NBA?

8:26 - The Warriors take Ike Diogu - the first player picked who is not in attendance. The Commish can't
be happy about that. A Top Ten guy isn't there, which is a bad omen for some of the others who are. Are
we going to have a Rashard Lewis incident tonight? I really hope so.

8:27 - Jim Gray is in L.A.? Is Kobe having a press conference during the Draft?

8:29 - Lead story in the update is that no Yankee coaches will be fired. That is the sign of either a) a
really slow news day, or b) a Yankee fan is producing those segments. Actually, I'll take c) the Yankees
getting forced down everyone's throats by ESPN...again.

8:30 - Kobe Bryant selects Andrew Bynum, a high schooler from Jersey. Another non-Green Room guy.
He is there and in the stands, though, complete with Mom who I can hear probably hear yelling if I open
my window. Well, the Lakers are going to suck again. ESPN, TNT and ABC can't be happy with this, but
at least Kobe won't lose any shots to anyone this season.

8:33 - Ed Barnes on the Warriors' choice of Ike Diogu - "This pick fits with the Warriors. Reach a little bit
for need. Get a guy who is good offensive player and needs to improve his defense. Glad to know that
Warriors games will continue to be high scoring. I would rather have seen Granger go there as I really
liked what I saw of him this season. Still, Diogu has a track record and I'm glad I can say that about him
as I've been frustrated by Mikael Pietrus and Andris Biedrins simply because they were taken over
players that had proven themselves in college."

8:36 - Did Greg Anthony just call playing for the Lakers and Phil Jackson stable? There is no chance
Phil is there when Bynum is actually a productive player. None.

8:37 - Orlando takes Fran Vazquez of Spain at 11, the first international player taken. And Danny Granger
and Gerald Green cringe yet again. He is one of the rare foreign guys, though, that can actually step in
right away. Solid pick.

8:41 - Time for the follies known as the Clippers. We all know they aren't going to be smart and pick the
best player available. This is where Elgin Baylor excels - screwing up at the Draft. He is even worse than

8:44 - Elgin takes Some guy Korolev from Russia. Yup, those are the Clips, alright. No Danny Granger,
no Gerald Green, not even Rashad McCants. And Dick Vitale is on and can't be happy about it. So here
he is, ranting about the shunning of the college players.

8:48 - From The Writers' Brian Wilmer - "I wonder if Gerald Green is on the cell phone with Aaron
Rodgers right now asking him how he feels."

8:50 - Stephen A. just joined the anti-foreigner bandwagon and is screaming that McCants and Sean
May are still available. And with Charlotte up, a Tar Heel is in order. It is May. The overrated Sean May.
No way he goes before Granger or Green. At least he will sell more tickets for the Bobcats.

8:53 - Still in the Green Room: Gerald Green, Rashad McCants, Danny Granger, Hakim Warrick, Antoine

8:55 - The last lottery pick, to Minny at 14 - Rashad McCants. So, four Tar Heels in the lottery. Wow. Not
just four first rounders, four lottery guys. Amazing. And the Green Room is down to four.

8:57 - Another David faux pas. He forgot to take his picture with McCants and needed to be reminded by
Rashad. Come on, Commish. You've been doing this for twenty years. Stop daydreaming up there. He
got your wish - no more high schoolers after this one.

9:02 - The Nets take Antoine Wright at 15. A solid pick for a team that needs some shooting. They had
plenty of options here and Rod Thorn has to be very happy.

9:04 - Charlotte's Bernie Bickerstaff makes a great point - his first rounder last year and both this year
won National Championships. Solid line of thinking there. Fill needs, but bring in quality people and
winners. That is how you build a franchise. Even if May is overrated. But he is having trouble looking in
the camera. What's up with that?

9:08 - Back to Toronto and the taxes. Who joins Villanueva? Joey Graham. Solid pick. Of course, he isn't
there, so we are at 17, with three guys still sitting in the Green Room. This is getting very interesting.

9:12 - Finally, Granger goes to Indy at 17. Bilas just called him "mean" on the floor. He should fit in
perfectly with Ron Artest.

9:17 - Please. No more Dick Vitale. We get it. You like college players. Now shut up.

9:18 - Boston takes Green at 18. Yet another high schooler in the green and white, but one who is
possibly a star in a couple years. If Paul Pierce doesn't freeze him out, that is. Don't let that smile fool
you, though. He is pissed he was still available.

9:21 - And the Green Room winner? Hakim Warrick. And he is clearly not happy about it. Especially
since Memphis is up and you know they won't take him - he is too well known.

9:24 - In an upset, the logo takes Warrick, who looks more relieved than happy. The Green Room is now
empty. And yes, his mother's name is Queen. Too many bad jokes can be made here, so let's move on.

9:28 - Doc Rivers just vowed that Pierce isn't going anywhere, but no promises about Antoine Walker or
Gary Payton. Gerald Green's growth was just officially stunted. And Hakim Warrick just called his Green
Room wait the longest two hours of his life. Yeah, that contract he is going to get won't make up for it,

9:30 - Memo to Mike Tirico - Andrew Bogut is NOT an international player. He went to college here. He is
a collegian. Period. Stop trying to confuse everyone.

9:31 - At 20, Denver takes Julius Hodge, who is sitting in the stands, since New York is his hometown.
This guy will not be a good pro. Trust me on this one. Wasted pick by Denver. He might be "long", as
Bilas just said (again), but he can disappear if things don't go his way. I don't like him. But look at that
suit!!! Is that white or off-white? Finally, a little flash on display. It is about time. I was getting bored with
how conservative everyone was dressed.

9:40 - We haven't had a trade yet, but they are saying that Nate Robinson, who Phoenix just took at 21, is
on his way to New York as part of the Thomas-Richardson deal. Tiny Nate at the Garden? Can you say
fan favorite? So the Knicks get three guys from the first round of a solid first round, eh? Interesting. Isiah
is clearly not running this draft. Then again, he still has to pick someone at 30, so there is plenty of time
for him to screw this up.

9:43 - Denver takes Jarrett Jack at 22. Another guy sitting in the stands. This has to be a record. And, of
course, we get Dickie V ranting on about another ACC guy, saying he is the greatest thing since sliced
bread. At least we didn't have to look at him this time. But seriously, have Vitale commented on any
player other than an ACC guy? There are other conferences and players out there, right?

9:49 - Is this the most boring Draft ever? Really, what has happened. Guys fell, but still went in the Top
20. Only one loud suit. No trades announced yet. Wake me when it's over.

9:50 - At 23, the Kings grab Francisco Garcia - yet another New Yorker, but he apparently isn't in the
stands. Garcia was born in the Dominican Republic, so it is only a matter of time before mike Tirico tries
to call him an international player.

9:52 - Hey, Vitale is talking about a non-ACC guy. Shocker. Fine. You proved me wrong. Now shut up.
Even Mrs. Mirl is asking why he is yelling about everything.

9:53 - Houston takes Luther Head, the sixth player from the NCAA Championship Game to get drafted in
the first round.

9:56 - Why is Coach K talking about the Detroit Pistons in these commercials? Didn't they just lose to
San Antonio?

9:59 - Seattle goes with Johan Petro at 25. Wow, he is actually there, direct from France. Another big
man project to get paired with Robert Swift from last season.

10:01 - Trade rumor: Denver deals Jarrett Jack to Portland for #27 and a second rounder. Yawn. Which
pretty much sums up this entire Draft.

10:05 - Where do we go from here? Last five picks of the first round...give us some excitement, please!!!
Detroit selects Jason Maxiell from Cincinnati. Jay Bilas said he had him rated late first round, but this is
a shocker. Huh? Isn't this the late first round?

10:08 - ESPN just used footage of a red subway car in their bumper to yet another commercial. Those
cars were retired a few years ago, though. Time for so new file footage, folks.

10:10 - Hey, a foreigner. Portland chooses Linas Kleiza from Lithuania...by way of Missouri. Oops. The
Commish forgot to mention that he played at Mizzou. Is it me or is David having an off-night? A couple
stumbles over words, forgetting to take a picture with someone, now a screw-up on where a player is
from. Not a good night. Someone get Russ Granik ready to start a couple picks early.

10:12 - Yet another commercial. We haven't had two picks between ads for a while now. Couple that
with the lack of excitement in the building and this is the most boring draft ever.

10:16 - The best drafting team in the league is up now, the Spurs. This will be a great pick, no matter
what. Well, maybe not. Ian Mahinmi from France. And he's there? I've never heard of this guy - and he is
met with stunned silence by the crowd. Of course, he is wearing a great suit, so we'll let it slide.
Seriously, who is this guy? I know the Spurs have a great track record with foreign picks, but really,
wouldn't this guy have been there in the second round?

10:19 - Seattle Coach Nate McMillan avoids Tirico's question on his status, declaring it Petro's night.
When Tirico asks again, he laughingly says, "Mike, you aren't listening to me." Something tells me he
wasn't exactly joking, though.

10:21 - Another ad break after just one pick. And the odds of me doing this for a second round continue
to get longer and longer.

10:23 - Shaq and the guys get Wayne Simien from Kansas at 29. And since it is a big name from
college, we get forced to listen to Dick Vitale again. This is a great pick for Miami, though - solid player,
great citizen. But if I have to listen to Vitale rail on and on about drafting college players over everyone
else one more time, I'm pulling an Elvis and shooting the TV. Hey Dick, welcome to the year 2005. Read
a newspaper or website and learn about how teams approach the Draft these days. It ain't changing, so
deal with it. You sound like a whiny baby tonight, saying the same thing over and over again.

10:26 - And  we go to yet another ad break following a single pick. This really is ridiculous. Ever hear of
pacing, ESPN?

10:29 - With the last pick of the first round (and of this blog), Isiah and the Knicks choose David Lee from
Florida, which the fans are not happy about. I think they wanted Chris Taft there, but people have been
raving about Lee since Pre-Draft in Chicago.

So that wraps up the first round of an insanely boring Draft. 23 college players (nine seniors), three high
school players and four international players. A couple surprises (Villanueva and Mahinmi going higher
than expected, Granger and Green falling) and no trades announced.

Yes, that is right. We have just witnessed the most boring first round ever.  No wonder I'm ready for bed.
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