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August 7 - Good Luck, Bud

So Rafael Palmeiro's been ratted out, adding his name to the growing list of
professional baseball players caught using performance-enhancing drugs.

Personally, I thought that Raffy was the only honest person at the March 17
MLB steroid hearings, so this news comes as a shock. Guess Palmeiro's a
good liar.

A good liar, just like baseball itself. These "skills", this "god-given talent",
and the extreme "work ethics" don't come from anything but a syringe. A
syringe that has permanently scared baseball's image as America's true

A comic strip once featured a cartoon where a young boy approached Barry Bonds, standing on the
field. The boy held out a needle to the Giants star, asking him politely, "Barry, will you sign my

When you start seeing things like that on a regular basis, you know something has to be wrong.

But that's the hole the MLB has dug itself - a pit of artificially engineered humans sticking needles
through their cheeks. This is unfair to the clean athletes standing above the pit, ignored by the
cameras and news headlines.

So here we are, stuck in an era of cheating and lying for professional baseball, with no cure lurking

Good luck, Bud. It ain't gonna be easy