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May 26 - The NBA's Most Dominant Team

OK, I've officially made up my mind. The San Antonio Spurs are the best team in the NBA. Their
performances lately have been outstanding, with each game played against some tough teams.
Whether they go on to win the championship or not, they're my pick for the most dominant team in the
league. Here are five reasons why:

1. No huge egos, just huge talent
San Antonio is an ego-free team that doesn't have any viruses from a player standpoint. Nobody tries to
dazzle or impress, they just step up to get the job done- something that, for the most part, they do. The
team can truly call themselves a team, with no indications of a selfish "odd man out" on their roster.

2. They have the best coach in the NBA
Yes, Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA. Only one other current coach in the league has led
his team to multiple championships (Popovich has won it twice- in '99 and '03), while his career winning
percentage (.609) ranks as sixth highest in NBA history. He took home Coach of the Year honors in

3. Valuable player experience
With three guys on the active roster at or over 10 years of experience (Robert Horry, Tony Massenburg,
Glenn Robinson), it gives them extra flexibility knowing that they have guys on the court that know what
they're doing- especially in pressure situations. Talent is a very important quality in basketball, and the
Spurs have lots of it.

4. Valuable playoff experience
A team can win 81 games in the season, but none of that really matters in the post-season because if
you're out, you're out. If you know the feeling of playoff basketball and you've been playing in May and
June for years (as many of the players on the Spurs roster have done in recent years), the weight of the
pressure is lifted right off your shoulders.

5. Excellent at home
A surprising key to winning championships is winning at home. If you look at each of the four teams
remaining, it would be safe to say that they all like playing on their home court. San Antonio, an excellent
home team, carries the momentum of playing at the SBC Center in the regular season over into the
playoffs- one of the reasons why they've been so successful in the post-season.