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October 4 - The Great MVP Debate

I am so tired of hearing about David Ortiz.

No, it's not because I'm a Yankees fan.  No, it's not because I hate the Boston
Red Sox.  No, it's not because I'm overly biased.

It's because the MVP stands for Most Valuable Player.  Not Most Valuable

There is no doubt David Ortiz is an outstanding clutch hitter.  His offensive
number are staggering, and he certainly deserves a silver slugger award.  But
MVP?  There is nothing that would really be able to support it.  Even his
offensive numbers aren't better than A-Rod's.

Batting Average:  .300
Hits:                       180
Home Runs:        47
Runs Batted In:   148
Slugging %:        .604
On Base %:        .438
Runs Scored:      119

Batting Average:   .321
Hits:                        194
Home Runs:         48
Runs Batted In:    130
Slugging %:         .610
On Base %:         .421
Runs Scored:       124

If that's not enough to completely warrant Ortiz winning the MVP, (and it's
not) then he should have no shot to win it.

Because if you were to break it down even further, A-Rod has 22 game
winning hits, to Ortiz's 21.  Not to mention A-Rod's 21 stolen bases to
Ortiz's one.  All this, without even touching simple things.  Bunting, base
running (first to third, second to home) and fielding.

Sure, Ortiz's "position" is DH.  I won't disagree, that's a valid point.  It is a position and he's the best at
that position.  But how many runs a game does David Ortiz save?  And Rodriguez?

If anything, being the DH sometimes hurts the team.  A perfect example, the second to last game of
the season.  Tim Wakefield was on the mound for the Red Sox, which means Mirebelli goes behind
the plate.  A simple substitution behind the plate, to help the defense with Wake on the hill.  Not a big
deal, at least not until Mirabelli comes up in a clutch spot.  I looked over at my father, whom I was
watching the game with at the time, and I said "This is the reason Ortiz can't be the MVP."  He looked
stunned for a second, and then realized.  Without Ortiz being able to man a position, it took Varitek out
of the game, and out of an RBI spot.

With the Yankees winning the division courtesy of head to head match-ups, it makes me wonder how
many extra games the Red Sox could have won while Varitek was sitting on the bench.

If anything, I think the "DH" position hurts Ortiz's MVP chances more than helps it.

In the end, Alex Rodriguez is the MVP.  It's an honor he should receive for the second time, and one
David Ortiz should never be able to have.
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