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September 12 - Silent...

That's what Tony Clark has been this year.  Everywhere outside of Arizona
that is.

With all the talk about Barry Bonds coming and going, coupled with the
type of season Andruw Jones has had, Tony Clark has flown under the
radar in the NL.

He started the season on the bench, expected to only see selective
playing time.  It was something Clark understood.  Business is business,
and just being on a major league team was fine with him.  Little did anyone see what was coming.

Today as I look at the statistics, Tony Clark is batting .308 with 24 home runs and 74 RBI's.

People who haven't followed Clark are going to look at those numbers and say; "So what?  He's had
a decent, to at best, above average season."

If he had the at-bats of say, Andruw Jones, sure.  Rather, he has put up those numbers with 218 less

To compare, if Tony Clark were to have the same amount of at-bats as Andruw Jones, and stayed on
this pace as he is on..  He'd be batting .308 with 161 hits, 42 HR's and 126 RBI's.

We'd be talking about MVP at this point, regardless of where the Diamondbacks were.  But, thanks to
lack of at-bats, Clark has virtually gone unnoticed.

He won't get nearly the attention he deserves, and with Bonds coming back, it's even less likely.  For
all of you baseball fans, he may not be headed to the hall of fame, but if you get a chance.  Give him a
watch.  He at least deserves that.
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