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September 5 - Perspective

New Orleans.

Recently it’s been classified by some as a hell on earth. The darkest days
our nation has perhaps ever seen. The tragedy that was hurricane
Katrina, eclipsed only by the devastation, violence, and nothingness left

In 2001, when the world witnessed the collapse of the twin towers, many
thought life as we know it would change forever. In many ways it has. But
as the saying goes, "although many things change, so many stay the

The United States opened it’s arms to all New Yorkers that day, and for many days there after. In
gratitude, and to help many ease their minds, New York kept the games alive. Marked by a loud strike,
courtesy of president Bush, New York would go on to host some of the most memorable World
Series games in history. Temporarily, men, women and children alike, forgot about the terrorist
attacks. For seven days, they watched baseball, as if it were any other day.

Sports are a way to heal, a way to ease the mind. Sports are away to forget what’s bad and evil. They
bring families together, they entertain when nothing else does. Sports are a medicine, and it’s times
like those in New York and these in New Orleans that the athletes really earn their pay.

With all the negative things that do go on inside the sports world, from Terrell Owens, to Ricky
Williams and Jason Giambi to Rafael Palmero. There are times like these, where we all realize how
insignificant those negatives are, and how helpful the game really is.

Despite all the news around the sports world right now, one thing that has been overlooked, has
been the story surrounding the New Orleans Saints home opener against the New York Giants.

The Saints will indeed open their season at home against the Giants. However, they will not be
playing in New Orleans or in the Superdome. That stadium is being used as a shelter for those who
remain trapped in New Orleans.

So where will the Saints open against the Giants?

In Giants Stadium.

For the first time in history, the Giants will be wearing their visiting uniforms at Giants Stadium,
against a team other than the Jets. As a way of saying thank you, and at the same time lending a
hand, the Giants will open the stadium to the Saints.

For those not really interested in the game, I suggest you at least tune into the pregame where there
will be a special salute and prayer for all the people who have suffered through this terrible tragedy.

While the game will help to ease our minds, as they always do. It should also help remind us all, that
it is just a game and there are far more important things out there.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families in and from New Orleans.
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