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May 3 - Exorcising Their Damon

With one swing of the bat the Red Sox were on their way to ending an 86
year curse.  With one swing of the bat there was a new cult hero in
Boston.  With one swing of the bat, they completed the most amazing
comeback in the history of sports.  With that swing of the bat, one would
have thought Johnny Damon was a Bostonian for life.

In the end, business is business and money talks.  Does that make
Damon a bad man?  Does that make him a traitor or a back-stabber?  Or
does it make him a baseball player trying to provide for his family?

How many of you would turn down an extra three million a year?  I wouldn’t.  Sure everyone has some
loyalty to their team.  But let’s not forget Damon spent the first six years of his career in Kansas City,
not Boston.  And sure, he said he’d never leave Boston.  Well – Roger Clemens said he would retire
a Yankee.  Things happen, ideal situations arise, people adapt and move on.  (Who hasn’t left a job
they like for one offering more money?)

Fact is the Red Sox can never take away what Johnny Damon helped them do.  Something most of
their fans have never seen or experienced before.  Something they may never see or experience
again.  Johnny Damon helped lead the Boston Red Sox to a World Series championship, and for the
next year he was the greatest thing in Boston.  He was the “idiot” everyone loved.

Unfortunately when it came time for the Red Sox to match an offer, they left three million a year on the
table and Johnny went where the situation was better for him.

The enemy….  The New York Yankees.

Suddenly Anakin became Darth Vader and Boston fans seemed to forget everything Damon had
done for the last four years.  Suddenly all his accomplishments meant nothing.  He was dead to the
city, despite his best efforts to leave on good terms.  He took out a full page ad in a local newspaper
to express his heartbreak and thank you’s to all the Boston fans that had meant so much to him.  The
feeling was not mutual.

When it finally came time for Damon to step to the plate it was clear how the Red Sox fans truly felt
about him.  You think they would show a little respect, but it was vicious.  Standing boo’s and “traitor”
chants filled the air.  Each time he came to bat it was even worse.  The chants became angrier, and
“traitor” turned into something I won’t mention.  While in the field, fans threw money and other objects
at him.  All the while he tried to maintain a smile and tip his cap to the ten fans who were actually
cheering him.

Boston fans…  You should be ashamed.  It’s one thing to boo someone on the rival team, it’s another
to chant derogatory names at them, and shower them with objects from the stands.  But I’m a
Yankees fan – so I can’t really preach.

I can say this.  I’ve seen a lot of bad things out of Boston.

Booing Wade Boggs.

Forcing Roger Clemens family to leave in tears.

Spitting on Yankees outfielders.

Taking a swing at Gary Sheffield in the corner.

Chanting “Yankees Suck” in the third inning of a Devil Rays/Sox game.

But what was done to Damon last night..  That was low.  Even I thought more of Boston fans than
that.  Anyone who was a part of that, and anyone who was happy to see it should be ashamed!

Embarrassing is an understatement.
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