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June 13 - Arena League Recap

Arena Bowl 19 is now over and the Colorado Crush are Champions with a 51-48 victory over the
Georgia Force. What a game!  With the conclusion of the season, what better time is there to recap the
season for all you Arena Fantasy Football players out there, naming a Fantasy MVP and the best fantasy
player at each position.

Fantasy MVP
QB Andy Kelly – New Orleans Voodoo
The numbers are simply staggering…as they are for all arena quarterbacks. Even though arena
numbers are always inflated, Kelly’s 96 touchdowns against only 12 interceptions is impressive. Kelly
was arena’s answer to Peyton Manning this year. I knew when I ran up against a team with Andy Kelly in
one of my Areana Fantasy Leagues, it was going to be tough to come out on top.

Running Back
Chris Ryan – Philadelphia Soul
Ryan only had 153 yards all season but he made the most of his 53 carries. Sixteen of them went for
touchdowns as fantasy owners and the Philadelphia Soul rode the “Soul Train” to success. Chris Avery
of the Grand Rapids Rampage was a close 2nd in my rankings but the three extra touchdowns by Ryan
offset the 100 more yards by Avery. Personally I took a chance on Texas A&M standout Ja’Mar Toombs
who had a nice year with 11 touchdowns for the Dallas Desperados.

Wide Receiver
Marcus Nash – Las Vegas Gladiators        
Star at Tennessee, washout for the Denver Broncos, now star again in the Arena League. Marcus Nash
was Arena Football’s answer to Randy Moss as he led the league in yards with 1787 and was 2nd in
touchdowns with 41 without leading the league in receptions. I was able to win the league where I was
lucky enough to end up with Nash on draft day. In a couple other leagues I had Chris Jackson who had
49 touchdowns for the Los Angeles Avengers in 2004 but split his 2005 season between Grand Rapids
and Georgia Force. His final total of 1366 yards and 29 touchdowns would be a good year for most
receivers but I expected more out of an early round pick.

Remy Hamilton – Los Angeles Avengers
Any easy choice as he lead all kickers with 186 points and was the only kicker to break the magical 20
field goal mark. I was banking on the high scoring offense of the San Jose SaberCats to help propel
kicker Dan Frantz to a big year but their offensive success didn’t translated into big numbers from Frantz
as he only attempted 8 field goals all year and then tore his ACL in the season’s final game while
making a tackle on an onside kick. Thankfully Frantz had successful knee surgery performed by Dr.
Arthur Ting, the same doctor that worked on Barry Bonds’ knee so I’m sure fantasy owners and
SaberCats fans can count on Frantz being 100% by next season once he recovers from the upcoming
staph infection.

What defense?? There is no defense in the Arena Football League. Seriously, if anyone reading this
was just simply nodding their head with every sentence, I have a message for you. It’s Arena Football! I
had to do research to even find these names. Gone are the days when I could watch Arena Football for a
quarter for the circus that it is. The glory days when Cedric Bonner was throwing to Calvin Schexnader
for the Arizona Rattlers…or those were a couple names I found while doing research.

What’s hilarious about Arena Football are the fans sites that have popped up. On the biggest day of the
Arena League calendar, there are articles such as “Defense Wins Championships.”. This is a league
where there have been 81-75 and 83-71 games and both of those involved the San Jose SaberCats.
This is not football, it’s a video game on turf. How appropriate that EA Sports will be releasing an Arena
game, probably to be called Pat Hayden 2006, next fall. Finally they can give the players ability to fly, just
like the Arena League will do in a corporate promotion for The Rocketeer 2 in some upcoming season.

Is our attention span that short as a country that we have to rely on games that are so slanted toward
offense to be entertained?

Let’s be real clear about what is going on here. Arena Football is America’s Funniest Home Videos by
guys in helmets and pads. Either way, guys will get hit in funny ways with music in the background. Only
difference with the Arena League is Bob Saget isn’t involved.