I Hate College Football

With the start of the college football season this week, I have decided to come out and say it. You can call it heresy. You can call me stupid. You can yell that it means I am not a sports fan. Go ahead and say all of that. But read what I have to say first…

I Hate College Football!!!!

Yes, you read that right. I can’t stand it. I don’t watch it unless I have to. I could care less what school is ranked No. 1. I don’t even care who wins the Heisman Trophy. When the Draft rolls around, I couldn’t name more than a handful of potential first round picks. Did I make my feelings clear enough for you?

Now, you may ask the obvious question…Why? Why does this guy that has spent his entire career working in sports, and who was Managing Editor of NCAA.com for over two years, feel this way about one of the most popular sports in the country.

Allow me to explain…

I grew up in a part of the country where there is no major college football. There is no major college football even remotely close to Long Island. The closest schools to where I grew up are Army and Rutgers. And no self respecting Long Islander will EVER root for Rutgers. Sure, Hofstra always had a team (until they dropped it after last season), and now Stony Brook has one. But on Long Island, there was no one to root for.

I did not go to a school that had a football program. Could you imagine if NYU had a football team? “And the Violets take the field!!!” Yeah, right. Going to NYU also meant that I really was no closer to a school that would generate a rooting interest for me, either. Again, there was no one to root for.

I don’t agree with the BCS and voting for a national champion. Yeah, I know I’m just one of millions that believes that (and in the future, when the time is appropriate, I will share my tournament idea…one I came up with a long, long time ago that I have seen copied elsewhere – and I have the date stamps to prove it). Until a real national champion is crowned by earning it on the field, I don’t care. And don’t tell me the BCS winner has “earned” it, especially in years where there are other unbeaten teams. Don’t punish a school like Boise State because none of the powerhouses want to play a road game there. That is plain stupid.

There are too many bowl games. Congrats on your 6-6 year. Here is your berth in the Mediocre Bowl, where you can play another 6-6 team. Come on. Let’s stop rewarding these middle of the road teams with a paycheck. One of the arguments against a tournament is that people feel it will lessen the importance of the regular season. Well, how important can it really be if teams that finish 6-6 are being invited to a postseason game of any sort?

People like to argue that since I have never experienced big time college football, my arguments are baseless. Well, I’ve gone to a USC-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. I’ve seen LSU play Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. I’ve even gone to lesser games, like Troy at Georgia Tech. And none of those games left me wanting more. I felt the same way leaving the stadium as I did when I entered it.

Is there anything I do like about it? Sure. The game day experience looks great. The cheerleaders are hot. The mascots are cool. Nothing is better than a great rivalry, and there are tons of those in college football. OK. My list is done.

I hate college football. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. Let the bashing begin.


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