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Chair of Death - When sitting at a table in the streets of Plaka, make sure there is enough room for the cars that are
driving in said street to pass without hitting you. We were at a restaurant in one of the busiest tourist sections of
Athens (right at the foot of the hill that holds the Acropolis), where most of the tavernas seat their guests in tables
that are literally in the street. The restaurant we chose was at a corner of the road. Some of the cars were a little too
close to our table as the turned around the corner. And of course, I was in the most vulnerable of the seats at the
table. When I realized that with one slip of the wheel and I was done, I changed seats because I no longer wanted to
sit in The Chair of Death. No one hit the table, although someone standing in the street actually did get clipped. And
another table got into a fight with a moped rider, who took a beer bottle from the table and smashed it in the street.
Apparently, though, this is just another night in Plaka.
Changing of the Guard - Look closer at the picture. You couldn't get a shot like this again if you tried. Look closer.
Have you figured it out yet? How did that bird get in there? I'm sure the guard's expression is the same it always is,
though. Expressionless.
The field hockey crew - from left to right; Myra Maresh (PA), Tom Huet (producer), me, Spero Dedes (play-by-play),
Siri Lindley (analyst).
Gold medal winner - Ahmed Al-Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates, winner of the Men's Double Trap (Shooting).
Panathinaiko Stadium - The original Olympic Stadium, used at the very first Olympic Games in 1896. In 2004, the
stadium hosted archery and the end of the marathon.
Pyrros Dimas wins bronze - One of Greece's most legendary athletes, Dimas was competing in his final Olympic
Games before retirement. And before a packed house on a Saturday night, he won the bronze, setting off a ten minute
standing ovation during the medal ceremony. His face was plastered all over billboards before the bronze. After, the
pictures from his performance that night were possibly the most commonly seen of any during the Games.
The Roy and HG Show - A very popular show during the Olympics, broadcast live every day on the 7 Network. The in
studio guest I saw that day was the Crown Princess of Greece. Tickets were free and the show took place at the IBC,
in 7's studio, which was right next to NBC.
Security at the hotel - These are just some of the guards (some armed) that were stationed in from of the President
Hotel. They were there 24/7, just as the guards at the IBC and all other venues. I'd say it was fairly safe
Security at the IBC - I asked a few times before one of the guards would pose with me. He had no choice but to say
yes this time, since he had just posed with the beautiful Mexican actress Ines. But he would only take the picture
without his machine gun in it. I wish I was joking about that.
Track and field - Greek winner - Athanasia Tsoumeleka, Women's 20km Walk.
U.S. synchronized swimmers - Lauren McFall and Sara Lowe.