2011 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects

What I pulled--
Blue Parallel – Michael Fulmer (#469/499)
Refractors – Ryan Adams, Salvador Perez, Steve Cishek
Prospect Refractors – Jake Jarvis, Dany Toussaint, Matt Barnes
Blue Refractors – Zack Cozart (#179/199)
Prospect Autograph – C.J. Cron

Here it is – the release prospectors drool over in anticipation for every year.

Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects is back, with another batch of cardboard debuts, including many of the
players from this year’s MLB Draft. As usual, it is a checklist that carries quite a punch.

The recipe for this product is the same as it always is. Each pack is a combination of regular and chrome
cards, with each set made up of guys who made their major league debut in 2011 and a whole new group
of prospects making their hobby premiere. It is a recipe that is a proven success, with the future market
success based on the strength of the respective debuts. There might not be an Albert Pujols, or even a
Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper here, but there are always guaranteed to be some players who go on
to long, successful major league careers.

As for the box breakdown, it is straightforward, as always. No inserts, just a handful of parallels (here is where I make my plea
to up that number, of course), plus one autographed card.

This set is all about the new names, of course, and with tons of first round picks dotting the checklist (both the regular
checklist and the autographs), prospectors will, unsurprisingly be very happy. That said, if you are looking for cards of veterans
and names you know, this one isn’t for you.

Grading BDPP is always tough, given the specialized market for it. Lots don’t like it, but the ones that do simply love it. I’ll play it
down the middle, though, and look at it as a stand-alone product. Solid, simple, you know what you are getting. Check back in
a few years, though, to see where it really grades out.......................

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