2010 Topps Tribute

What I pulled--
Base Cards – Christy Mathewson, Thurman Munson
Topps 205 – Ty Cobb
Greatest Rivalries Revisited – Tortoise vs. Hare (#74/99)
Relic – Robin Roberts jersey (#63/99)

Topps Tribute returns to shelves again, with this year’s version of the super-high end product
subtitles “Dynasties and Rivalries Edition”. That pretty much sums the product up right there, and
also leads to the incorporation of a very weird subset.

As usual, the cards are of the highest quality, with thick stock and Chrome Refractor technology on

the fronts. The design is elegant, and the pictures jump off the card. There are plenty of parallels
and inserts, as well, adding a little fun to the pack opening, since this product is not really
designed for set builders. One of the insert sets, Topps 205, is a beautiful look back at the 205 set
Topps honored a few years ago. Another, though, is based off of the set’s subtitle and has nothing to do with baseball –
Greatest Rivalries Revisited. I’m usually all for fun non-baseball related cards, such as the ones included in Allen & Ginter, but
in a set with a price tag as lofty as this one, I would prefer that the cards be all baseball related. I would have been much
happier with a parallel in this pack rather than the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.

As for the hit, these are the cards people buy Tribute for. Each pack has a hit, with varying levels of pull, ranging from single
relics to autographed multi-relic cards. Like last year, there are plenty of current players in the set, which I don’t agree with (why
are we doing a Tribute card of a youngster like Clayton Kershaw or Madison Bumgarner), but the set has considerably more
retired guys in it as compared to last year…I didn’t pull a single retired player hit from a full box last year, but got one in my
single pack this year.

I’m not going to assign a grade, since I only opened one pack. What I saw, though, looked like a mixed bag. With a per pack
price in the $50 range, I need to be blown away, however. I hope my pack was a low end one, because if this is the norm,
people are going to be a little disappointed..........

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