2010 Topps T-206

What I pulled--
Gold Parallels – 18 different, including Tim Lincecum and Frank Robinson
Short Prints (with hats) – Hunter Pence, Rick Porcello, Ubaldo Jimenez, Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan Howard
Piedmont minis – Chris Carpenter, Martin Prado, Jonathan Sanchez, Wade Davis, Demlon Young
American Caramel minis – Barry Zito, Howie Kendrick, James Shields, Jimmy Rollins, Buster Posey
Polar Bear minis – Justin Upton, Derek Holland
Old Mill mini – Carlos Zambrano
Cycle mini – Kurt Suzuki (#19/99)
Historical Events minis – First night game, First Junior High School, Boy Scouts, First female cop, First short flight
Piedmont Autograph – Trevor Crowe
American Caramel Autograph – Milton Bradley
Cycle Silk Parallel – Nick Markakis (#7/50)

The spate of Baseball throwback sets gets another addition with the release of the 2010 edition of
Topps T-206. Coming on the heels of the recently released Allen and Ginter set, and the National Chicle
set earlier this season, however, T-206 seems a little redundant.

Don’t get me wrong – this set is gorgeous. The artwork is phenomenal, the concept of no hats on the
base cards and the various mini sets are outstanding and the hits are quality. This really is a beautiful
set, and set builders and individual card buyers are both going to have a field day, with so an endless
number of directions to go with how to collect the set. Ultimately, that is what makes or breaks a
product, and what makes T-206 a set that many collectors will be clamoring for.

I even got an extra hit in my box, and cannot remember the last time that happened. Two autos is always
a good thing, but throw in the silk parallel and I am thrilled with the break. I love the different mini sets, but can do without the
Historical Events subset (not every release needs to include stuff like this).

I’m just not sure the market is ready for yet another painted throwback set right now. National Chicle was solid, while Allen and
Ginter is routinely one of the best sets of the year. Many collectors go nuts over mini sets, so for them, T-206 is yet another
must buy. Maybe better spacing across the calendar would have been the way to go here, though.

I don’t want to take anything away from the beauty of this set. Many of the cards are striking, in fact. With all of the new
technologies out there, though, it just feels a little like too much of a good thing now, and maybe it is time for something

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