2009 Topps Heritage

What I pulled--
Gray Backs – Ryan Dempster, Jason Bartlett, Adrian Beltre, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ben Sheets AS, Hanley Ramirez AS, Dodgers
coaches, Indians coaches
Chrome Parallels (#ed to 1960) – Clayton Kershaw, Jay Bruce AS Rookie, Jacoby Ellsbury, Chien-Ming Wang
Chrome Refractor – Manny Ramirez (#119/560)
Flashback – Juan Marichal, Bobby Richardson
News Flashback – Tiros-1, Flight Center
Then and Now – Bob Friend/Roy Halladay
New Age Performers – Evan Longoria
Clubhouse Collection – Clay Buchholz white jersey

It might sound like hyperbole, but I’m going to say it anyway…

Year in and year out, Topps Heritage sets the bar for all retro sets.

In continuing with the annual tradition, Topps reaches back into the vault to honor the 1960 set.

And as is the norm, they leave no stone unturned. From the multi-colored lettering in the player
names to the short prints and variations to the designs on the subsets, every detail that can be
thought of and addressed in paying homage to the original is touched on by Topps. And, as they
do every year, Topps hits it out of the park.

This is a set-builders set first and foremost, so the bells and whistles are minimal, but they are there nonetheless. There are
Chrome Parallels and Refractors, Flashback and other inserts (which we see every year), and one auto or relic card per box,
although given the player selection on the relics, the uniform pieces really are not necessary in this product. Of course, it is
those short prints and variations which are the challenge for the collector, with many believing that a set is not complete
without all of them…creating a nice set of tough-to-find chase cards.

It is tough to find anything to complain about with Heritage. Of course, that is always the case with this release. It is one of the
most highly anticipated of the year, and for good reason. It is collecting the way it was with our parents and grandparents, but
with a modern spin. There is nothing wrong with that........................