2009 Topps 206

What I pulled--
Polar Bear Minis - Carlos Delgado, Lou Gehrig
Old Mill Mini - Shane Victorino
Cycle Mini - Brad Hawpe (#66/99)
No Number Short Prints - Thurman Munson, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mel Ott, Pee Wee Reese
Base Autograph - Johnny Cueto
Piedmont Framed Autographed Mini - Kila Ka'aihue

The granddaddy of tobacco sets celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, so Topps celebrating by
bringing the T-206 set back into the fold after a seven year layoff.

It shouldn't be a surprise that, even with all of the tobacco themed sets that abound these days, this one
still reigns supreme. From the authenticity of the simple design, the colors in the background and the
artwork, 206 jumps out of the pack and into the collectors hands and pulls them back 100 years. And the
authenticity really goes to great depths. If you look at the backs, you can see what is supposed to be a
tobacco stain as part of the coloring. These are the details that puts Topps at the head of the class with
sets of this type.

Of course, there is more than base cards in each pack. Each pack has a mini parallel, with variations for
each with different backs. There are gold parallels,autographs, buybacks, relics and more, of course, as has become the
norm, but the minis are the real chase, as collectors will be going out of their way to put together these sets as well as the
regular sized one.

There is a reason the T-206 set has gone down in history as the ultimate tobacoo set. Yes, the Honus Wagner card is the
anchor, but there is more than that to the set. It exudes history, and Topps, as usual, captures all of it. And they serve all of the
accolades they get